Wednesday, 22 April 2015

BBC NewsNight shouty man

Laughing to myself, on BBC Newsnight they were discussing immigration and they had a man who because he spoke louder thought he was right. He raised his voice and spoke over people so to himself he was winning the argument. Trouble was it was a debate and anyone who has spoken with a child knows you can shout and a child will buckle. Try that with adults and you look like a bully. Exactly how he looked I do hope he never appears on television again because I will turn it off. I am now going to Google Jon gaunt to see who he is.
Found this
Jon’s hard-hitting show on FUBAR takes on the current affairs of the day with lively debate and topical guests. As always Jon encourages listeners to phone in and get involved – without the constraints of the PC brigade or the outdated regulator stifling free speech.
If you want to get involved email the show, or call 0203 397 1683.
The site says he is award winning. I won't be looking for him nor listening to him ever again I think he is a loud mouth and a bully from what I have seen of him on TV tonight.

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