Monday, 30 March 2015

Ukip, poll only shows one seat

I have just been watching BBC NewNight and as much as I dislike that Evan Davis and his stupid repetitive asking of questions he won't get answers to, I had to smile when it came to the polls. He had some chap from the University of East Anglia reporting on the predictions for how the parties will end up when the dust settles on May 8th. The funniest bit was that all the serious number crunching and poor old Ukip only had one seat. Now asking which seat that would be is a stupid question but Evan Davis refrained from asking it. All I hope is that it is not Thanet South.  Please if Farrage fails he has said he would retire, I personally don't trust him to do that but he is a political figure and I think they are all honest upstanding citizens who always keep their word, don't they?



Parliament has been dissolved

Is it a bit like soluble aspirin? The MP' s are all put into a huge glass of water until they become non Mp' s. Do they become normal people? What are they classed as in this interim period? If we get a national crisis do the put on suits like superman, stepping out of the telephone booth in costume.. I have been aware of politics for over forty years but I don't remember much about previous dissolution. Roll on May the seventh I doubt we will get a majority government but things can't get any worse can they?

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Ukip The lights are on but nobody's home

Once again UKIP is making the stupid in the UK. I had to smile when I read a tweet about their energy spokesman wanting us all to turn our lights on to go against a worldwide lights off for an hour campaign. Roger Helmer tweeted Strike a blow against Climate Hysteria. Turn all your lights on for "Earth Hour".
Not exactly climate friendly. For someone who is spokesman on energy and its usage someone worked out it would cost. Twitter user, SuzanneM, calculated that if all 26.4m households in the UK followed Helmer’s plan it would cost the country an estimated £198,000 in just one hour.
With millions within the UK to be classed as living in fuel poverty I regard Roger Helman as a nutter and fruitcake. He has shown that UKIP is made up of people without a grip on reality and I just hope voters dont give them the prize of victory on May 7th.
I live in Thanet North and hope that the voters of Thanet South show Nigel Farrage he is not wanted. He has already said he will resign if he fails to get elected so lets give him an early bath and vote for the other candidates. I have known the Labour Candidate Will Scobie for years since he was a schoolboy. I first encountered him at Holy Trinity Church when I was involved in running an Alpha Course he was in charge of the projector and technical stuff that grown ups are willing to out source. Will Scobie had to leave early to catch the local to his Garlinge home. Something I doubt Farrage has done in a while. I very much doubt he knows where Garlinge is. He has had real problems locating Thanet let alone areas within it. And he wishes to represent the people of Thanet South.