Monday, 23 February 2015

Sir Malcolm Rifkind cash cow Questions

I want to have the standard of living my professional background would normally entitle me to have

Yes he is as entitled as anyone else. Get out of politics and use that profession to earn your money. Stop slinging off the nation on your ridiculous SIXTY SEVEN THOUSANDS PER YEAR. Take your hat and eat it wanting eight grand for introducing a stinger from a newspaper wonder how much he gets in Brown paper envelopes for actually pulling it off. My blood boils my life has been spent working to bring up my kids and provide for them and he complains 67K ain't enough. My three kids together don't gross that and he can't get by on it. Try living in the real world. People are living on a pittance by your standards and yet you want the equivalent of some people's YEARS wages for sod all. Tosser
I am livid and I hope you loose your seat to the Green Party.

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