Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Rory Bremner coalition you never voted for

I smiled at that, it's a bit like the PPI or insurance calls you get. You know the ones you get just as you sat down to eat they all ways start "you had an accident that wasn't your fault"  Rory got those callers down to a tee. The unfortunate thing is no one voted for a coalition but coalition is what we got and in the words of the great James May of Top Gear fame "oh click" don't we know it.
And for the next five years it's what we will have again if we as a nation don't vote in a party with a clear majority. Another five years of cock. So get out there and vote on polling day. I won't be leaving the house. No it's not that I won't be voting, I am registered for postal voting. Much easier and no last minute queues .

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