Saturday, 28 February 2015

Margate anti UKIP march

I am back in bed after a fall yesterday but I am still able to keep up with things via the world wide web. The web tells me to coincide with the end of UKIP conference anti kippers will be holding a protest march from the  Margate railway station  to the Winter Gardens.
Then to round things off with some music a 3pm a musical gig, organised by Thanet Love Music Hate Racism, is being held the Westcoast bar in Margate's King St. 
Find out more on  the STAND UP TO UKIP website

Friday, 27 February 2015

Farrage not in Thanet South but USA campaigning

It sounds strange but he is campaigning in the USA 
The BBC spotted him not in Thanet South but Washington DC.
Odd that he should be in Washington and not the United 
Kingdom but he did manage to speak to the Americans
About........... You guessed it
and in normal circumstances you would wonder why 
he was in the USA but I have a theory.
He was due to speak at Washington Tyne and wear
But the roads were so clogged with immigrants he decided to
take a plane, the rest as they say is history!!

Nigel Farage

I got a link from twitter to an amusing picture of what looks to be
Nigel addressing an hall of empty seats. CLICK HERE TO READ 
THE Huffington Post article

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Labour ahead in some polls even Thanet South ?

I just typed Labour polls results into Google. The results say they are four points clear others give the Conservatives a narrow one point lead and another read UKIP' s popularity waining. I don't know a lot but I do know until May the eighth we are in for ups and downs but I do think Ukip is dead in the water. The Green Party leadership is showing itself to be nervous when it gets behind the microphone, which is no bad thing. That to me shows them as normal. It really is run by ideological do gooders and held together with sticky tape and brown paper. Natalie Bennett is only human and her brain fades leading to more exposure for the party than if she had been an eloquent speaker.
Stupid ideas aside the green party is one I could get behind. Farrage reckons the Great British Public love an under dog well don't vote Ukip vote Green, apart from Thanet South please don't vote for Ian Driver he has tried every party on the Local Council and now cast his temporary allegiance in the Green camp. If he was to get elected I am sure within weeks he would declare he was throwing in with the SNP or the Welsh Plaid Cymru
Here is a picture of Ian trying to get onto KCC and I think he stood for Police and Crime Commissioner a job Ann Barnes seems able to put into disrepute all on her own without any help.
Green Party leader Natalie Bennett was forced to apologise after an 'excruciating' radio interview this morning Thanet South will be subject to a lot of interest due to UKIP and the Pub Land Lord Al Murray having a Daily Mail drinking contest. That will be more interesting than televised all party debates. All in all The Thanet South election campaign is hotting up to become at the very least a damp squib of an affair.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Sir Malcolm Rifkind cash cow Questions

I want to have the standard of living my professional background would normally entitle me to have

Yes he is as entitled as anyone else. Get out of politics and use that profession to earn your money. Stop slinging off the nation on your ridiculous SIXTY SEVEN THOUSANDS PER YEAR. Take your hat and eat it wanting eight grand for introducing a stinger from a newspaper wonder how much he gets in Brown paper envelopes for actually pulling it off. My blood boils my life has been spent working to bring up my kids and provide for them and he complains 67K ain't enough. My three kids together don't gross that and he can't get by on it. Try living in the real world. People are living on a pittance by your standards and yet you want the equivalent of some people's YEARS wages for sod all. Tosser
I am livid and I hope you loose your seat to the Green Party.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Floating Voter

Every time I hear one of the party leaders I am swayed that way, well excluded UKIP. But maybe at times even they make sense. I am becoming so indecisive it's ridiculous. Tory electioneering Labour electioneering even Lib Dem and Greens make sense. I have never been this way before, I have always held strong political views but this coalition has broken me and I am now quintessentially a gibbering wreck. I believe you have to vote because the only way to change things is from the inside. If you don't vote you can't complain, even if who you vote and whom you vote for is unsuccessful you did your best. If you didn't vote nothing Can possibly change if you vote at least you tried you participated.
But yes I will vote but who for? Here in Thanet it is a pantomime with several people cast as the Panto Horse. I just hope we dont get the rear end of the horse!!

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Rory Bremner coalition you never voted for

I smiled at that, it's a bit like the PPI or insurance calls you get. You know the ones you get just as you sat down to eat they all ways start "you had an accident that wasn't your fault"  Rory got those callers down to a tee. The unfortunate thing is no one voted for a coalition but coalition is what we got and in the words of the great James May of Top Gear fame "oh click" don't we know it.
And for the next five years it's what we will have again if we as a nation don't vote in a party with a clear majority. Another five years of cock. So get out there and vote on polling day. I won't be leaving the house. No it's not that I won't be voting, I am registered for postal voting. Much easier and no last minute queues .