Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Ukip without an elected leader Thanet South says no to Farrage

How will Ukip look come the Day after the General Election if Thanet South says no to Nigel Farrage? May the seventh is the election date but if Thanet South reject  Mr. Farrage will that mean an end to his dreams of Coalition and being a figure to be reckoned with in UK politics? Personally I don't think he will care after all he is copping plenty of cash out of the very EU he detests. His expenses for being a member of the very thing he wants to withdraw from could possibly fund several nurses but he obviously has not heard about biting the hand that feeds you.
And once again this is just my personal views he talks tough on Europe but would he want to cut off that funding source. Ukip is a minority party and as such despite the resentment of the EU Nigel and his cronies are eligible for mucho wonga in non repayable funds from the European Commission. Turkey's are not known for their love of Christmas and given a choice they would not vote for Christmas. Ukip on the other hand are fighting a political election of the very fact they don't want anything to do with Europe and its citizens but they are not above feathering their very political nests with Euro's handed over from the EU.
Double standards?  Yes but Nigel is married to a European but he wants her to stay but kick out other hard working Europeans. As I said typical  political thinking DON'T DO AS I DO BUT DO AS I TELL YOU.

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