Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Charlie the prophet is on the front page

Charlie has an image of the prophet crying on the front of this week's edition. It could have chosen t put images of the relatives of those killed, they too would have been crying. Yet a few minutes before writing this a Muslim reporter was on TV saying how wrong it is to draw an image of Muhammad. Not that it was wrong for someone to kill innocent people in the name of Muhammad? All the time people have extremist views this is not going away. Isis wants people to revert back to live like it was still the 12th Century but want to impose that ideology by the use of twentieth century weapons and drive the motor car. In the twelfth century the wheel was hi tech and communication was parchment and quill. Yet the ideology is undimmed and the irony escapes all side.
It's not just the Muslims but the Jews want all followers of the faith to come and live is Israel. Those murdered have become a beacon to get European Jews to relocate to the motherland. Nothing to do will forth coming elections once again the irony fails to be apparent.
Talking of irony every one of those leaders pictured in Paris over the weekend pouring support for the French and free speech has locked up reporters because they spoke out against the regime's those leaders control. But then a decent photo opportunity never did get turned down truth and liberty always loose out. I think it was Mark Twain who said "a lie can be half way round the world before truth has got its boots on" and each of those lying hypocrites wanted their lies spread far and wide.

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