Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Social care services cuts will only just kick in

I make no apologies about it I am thinking purely about myself. As selfish as that may seem as a side issue I will accept others will either benefit or not at the same time. Social care affects us all. Young old male female all are at some stage or another by Social services. I am disabled, I have been in contact with them a lot in recent years and am very grateful of the care and compassionate way they have helped. But with an ageing population more are more demand is being put on shrinking resources. Cuts to the local authorities budgets have to be found and every penny shaved from the budget affects each and everyone of us.
Maybe a young mum with a disabled child in need of housing adaptation' s a blind mother of twins needs assistance or a dad suffers a stoke at work left unable to walk or talk needs help to adapt his home so he can stay at home looked after by his wife and teenage children. Social services are for all ages not just the old and the upfront savings made by the present Government when slashing funding (with more much worse to come) are not yet or only just beginning to take effect. I am sorry to say that Labour's not going to reverse any of the big cuts but they would grab some headlines by repealing the bedroom tax that would make for good PR.
So if you like me are a floating voter ask some awkward questions when you are accosted by a parliamentary candidate. We have less than a hundred days to go and after the election we will have five years to repent. I will be voting in May but as yet I can't say who for. I need someone to make my mind up.

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