Thursday, 15 January 2015

Saudi blogger Raif Badawi hi lites hypocrisy of Gulf Kingdom

The day before Saudi Arabia's were at the Charlie Hebdo March in Paris in their homeland the blogger arrested for daring to criticise those in power on his blog was publicly flogged. He had been sentenced to ONE THOUSAND LASHES and ten years imprisonment for actually speaking out about the religious hypocrites who are in charge of Saudi Arabia's judicial system. Evidently one thousand lashes metred out fifty a week for twenty weeks and ten years locked away is OK in a country where they hang people for Minor misdemeanors such as murder so maybe he has to look upon his sentence as a reprieve. Here in the West we view it as vile and unjust but our government won't say anything as the Saudi's spend a lot of money on arms from the UK, money can buy a lot of silence. That silence has and is seen by the Saudi's as the signal they can do whatever they choose. If that means Raif Badawi dying a death by a thousand lashes it is taking the piss out of the Western World  and doing it over twenty weeks.

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