Wednesday, 7 January 2015

NHS in melt down?

Depends who you listen to Labour claiming that A&E services are in melt down and from the Conservative viewpoint it is down to the patient who is at fault. I believe the problem to be somewhere in between. With my Multiple Sclerosis I have had several occasions where I have had to be admitted to A&E. It has usually been by ambulance via recommend from a district nurse. I have nothing but praise for our National Health Service but it is always over worked. I can only speak for Margate and Canterbury hospitals where in my experience they have always been very busy. That could be because people who are there are in genuine need of emergency care are are in need of perceived emergency care. The first group are easy to define broken legs wounds requiring stitches car accident victims burst appendix. But I have been in A&E and seen people whom one must assume common sense has left them, they sat for four hours to take up the time of nurses and doctors because they wanted reassurance that all is well with their sore finger or the boil on their bum is not going to cause gangrene. Had they have gone to a chemist they would have been able to get advice that the offending finger needed antiseptic cream and the boil needed a plaster and some cream. But no let's waste our time and that of the NHS.Accident and Emergency departments. Unless it is an emergency go to the doctor. A&E is for emergency. The clue is in its name.
The biggest problem is with the fact people cannot get to see their GP so in the knowledge if they phone up for an appointment it will be next week at the earliest they can see anybody and if they insist on seeing their own GP add another five days. I suggest the population gets notice of any need to see a doctor a fortnight in advance so as when they want an emergency appointment they can have phoned ten days earlier. That of course is impossible and in my opinion why suddenly why A&E centres are so busy. We have an added problem where we are living to a far greater age. Older people by definition will require more care from the health service. Cutbacks in after care services mean longer stays in hospital. It is a very complex problem there are many facets to health care and some of the cuts in local government have caused problems that initially would not have been obvious. Pigeons are only now coming home to roost. Austerity measures are fine a cutback here a closure there a saving made but eventually something has to give, and like fault lines that build up pressure before an earthquake unleashes its devastation, I suggest the Conservative cutbacks have only just started to reveal the pain and I also suggest we are going to feel more pain as like a woman giving birth the contractions get stronger.

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