Sunday, 18 January 2015

Jews and kid's with glasses

Anti Semitic rhetoric and actions are  something Jews all over the world have to put up with on a daily basis. Much like black people are singled out because of the colour of their skin or other minority groups. I probably as do many schoolchildren called someone with glasses four eyes or the larger child was called tubby. But as adults we hopefully grow out of such hurtful practices. But I see on the news the Jewish community is bracing itself for more violence against them. I can't understand why people would deny the Holocaust and the millions of Jewish deaths. Horror and barbarism in any form needs to be recognised for what it is. Those that deny acts of cruelty ever happened are just choosing the nice bits of history and papering over the nasty bits. Arabs who do not recognise the Jewish community exist are selective with reality. They cannot move on if they cannot accept reality and nothing will change until change happens. Dress it up however you like but the last thousand years have not managed to eradicate this divisions the only way change will ever occur is if people grow up and change much like schoolchildren realising people who wear glasses are the same as themselves just with one ore two differences.

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