Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Eurozone Crisis Greek Exit

I can remember eighteen months ago asking this same question, is the eurozone due for a rocky ride? I must say then I thought the Greeks wouldn't still be in the Eurozone now but it is and my predictions have been proved wrong. So much for my powers of prediction. I still recon we are due a period of instability in Europe and the financial implications are huge. If Greece fails and refuses to renegotiate the loans it's had in the process of creating another currency it will junk itself and severely damaged the Euro. Basically they, the Greeks that is hold the trump card the I don't give a toss card, they owe so much basically it's never going to get repaid that then leaves the door open for all of the rest of the countries to say give me a right off or I am reneging.
My predictions are that Greece will go basically because I have predicted it before and although it's eighteen months later nothing has really changed just the date.

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