Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Election fever and its only January

I watched BBC News Night last night, mainly just to see what the reports on the first day proper of the election had turned up. Nothing is the short answer but many will be poring over the words and just like a primeval whitch doctor casting runes and depicting meaning in the utterances. The most truthful among them will admit they know nothing, but where are the column inches in that. Last night the BBC committed the entire program to the days events, they even had a dog in a pink outfit pounding the streets, I hope someone out there has a picture of that.
Nearly two thousand years ago Greek Philosopher's told us the way to a tranquil life is not to think upon that we cannot change. Well there will be lots of tranquil lives wrecked in the next one hundred and something day's. The only way any of us can have a part in this is by putting our cross in the box and awaiting the counting but we are only human and the voyeur in each of us will relish the coming days, we will read the runes cast and poke over the entrails and each one of us will become an expert. The is plenty of time for stoicism in the five years after the election. BRING IT ON
ELECTION 2015 is underway

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