Thursday, 22 January 2015

Conservative cuts cracks starting to show

I have just laid here in bed watching BBC' s News Night. I watched George Osbourne duck and field away all the questions about the current and future cuts and reply with his usual how clever am I and look how good I have made the economy. He never answered one question on any cuts mind you that reporter is crap he never asked any probing questions and let Osbourne off the hook.
The cracks are appearing and no one pins down social care. I am disabled and in a wheelchair, the nurses who come out to me are run ragged and working flat out several nurse down, no replacements and same workload. Those nurses will manage for a while but eventually the shit will hit the fan and things will fall apart. Social care services have been stripped bare people in the care industry are in a similar position, we see hospitals unable to release patients home after hospital stays all for the lack of a care or social worker not being available. Councils funding stripped bare under austerity measures and bigger and deeper cuts to come. Water board workers in Northern Ireland working to rule, fire fighters and teachers striking. All these things and a myriad of others are slowly taking root.
As I said I am disabled and stuff is affecting me little stuff but each bit is a chip knocked off and that chip once it is off won't ever go back. And some of those chips are loose and teetering on the edge. When the next round of cuts are administered they will fall pushed from behind buy those cuts to come. Heaven help us if we get another five years of Conservative rule.

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