Friday, 30 January 2015

Run on Greek banks no worry says Varoufakis

Yanis Varoufakis the new Greek government finance minister was on BBC News Night via video link tonight. He spoke as if he wants to negotiate a way out of the countries financial difficulties which was bad news for me as I have been predicting Greece's collapse  and Eurozone turmoil. It is a view I have held for sometime and even in the face of what appears to be sensible news from Varoufakis  it is still a stance on which I hold firm. Personally I don't see the Greeks staying in the EU and those with money are already withdrawing their cash from the banks and getting it out of the country.
For those Greeks struggling to get by a run on the banks will hurt the hardest. Economic meltdown will result in Europe wide panic. But for us Brits it will hurt even though we are no part of the Euro based financial experiment. Financial markets dislike uncertainty and what with oil prices in free fall due to the ISIS crisis and the Russians flexing for a fight over Ukraine plus China slowing down we have a recipe for chaos.
I am sticking by my default theory mainly because of I don't want to be seen as inconsistent and it is I think you will agree the most exciting scenario of them all. If you exclude a new Cold War.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Social care services cuts will only just kick in

I make no apologies about it I am thinking purely about myself. As selfish as that may seem as a side issue I will accept others will either benefit or not at the same time. Social care affects us all. Young old male female all are at some stage or another by Social services. I am disabled, I have been in contact with them a lot in recent years and am very grateful of the care and compassionate way they have helped. But with an ageing population more are more demand is being put on shrinking resources. Cuts to the local authorities budgets have to be found and every penny shaved from the budget affects each and everyone of us.
Maybe a young mum with a disabled child in need of housing adaptation' s a blind mother of twins needs assistance or a dad suffers a stoke at work left unable to walk or talk needs help to adapt his home so he can stay at home looked after by his wife and teenage children. Social services are for all ages not just the old and the upfront savings made by the present Government when slashing funding (with more much worse to come) are not yet or only just beginning to take effect. I am sorry to say that Labour's not going to reverse any of the big cuts but they would grab some headlines by repealing the bedroom tax that would make for good PR.
So if you like me are a floating voter ask some awkward questions when you are accosted by a parliamentary candidate. We have less than a hundred days to go and after the election we will have five years to repent. I will be voting in May but as yet I can't say who for. I need someone to make my mind up.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Is Eurozone worried?

Darn right it is worried. Greece has been the Fox in the hen house for to long. Now it has got the chance to spit out the undigested bones and try a different delicacy. The unfortunate part about it is that it has eaten its meal and is not going to pay the bill. Then to add insult to injury it is about to ask for the dessert menu and even has the cheek to ask the chef for something not on the menu. If, using this restaurant metaphor the chef does cook up another dish he must take extra care with the hot sauces because one wrong move and he may get his fingers burned trying to cook the volatile ingredients.
Only an alien visitor from planet zog wouldn't know about the meaning of the previous paragraph, the Eurozone in in deep doo doo. Billions of Euro is at stake and it could have knock on effects to other member states who whilst not as bad as Greece if they see the Greeks get away with write offs they will want treating the same. I personally see this as the start of the unravelling of Europe. They never dealt with Greece eighteen months ago and the next few months will see a run on the Euro and at a time QE has just been introduced. For me the European Union is about to enter free fall and the recent recession will look like a pantomime compared to what could be on the horizon.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Conservative cuts cracks starting to show

I have just laid here in bed watching BBC' s News Night. I watched George Osbourne duck and field away all the questions about the current and future cuts and reply with his usual how clever am I and look how good I have made the economy. He never answered one question on any cuts mind you that reporter is crap he never asked any probing questions and let Osbourne off the hook.
The cracks are appearing and no one pins down social care. I am disabled and in a wheelchair, the nurses who come out to me are run ragged and working flat out several nurse down, no replacements and same workload. Those nurses will manage for a while but eventually the shit will hit the fan and things will fall apart. Social care services have been stripped bare people in the care industry are in a similar position, we see hospitals unable to release patients home after hospital stays all for the lack of a care or social worker not being available. Councils funding stripped bare under austerity measures and bigger and deeper cuts to come. Water board workers in Northern Ireland working to rule, fire fighters and teachers striking. All these things and a myriad of others are slowly taking root.
As I said I am disabled and stuff is affecting me little stuff but each bit is a chip knocked off and that chip once it is off won't ever go back. And some of those chips are loose and teetering on the edge. When the next round of cuts are administered they will fall pushed from behind buy those cuts to come. Heaven help us if we get another five years of Conservative rule.

Ukip want to kill NHS

NHS will be privatised by UKIP and Tory Governments
Nigel Farrage is calling for an insurance based system and the Tories well they just want to sell off the NHS. I doubt Labour's plans are a lot different Gordon Brown and Tony millionaire Blair, you know the property tycoon started privatisation. So much for Nye Bevans vision. Here we are scarcely sixty years later in a complete mess his dream of the NHS to provide medical care free at point-of-need to all Britons is soon to be but a memory. The costs have escalated and the the way the present government is cutting the funding for Social Care given another five years like the last there won't be much left to salvage.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Scottish Oil receipts

REMEBER Scotland's confidence in being able to go it alone based on the oil prices? Brent Crude at record levels and the SNP planning a utopian nirvana based on oil tax revenue. I wonder what it's planned revolution would look like now. I know hindsight is a wonderful thing but Alex Salmon got out just in time

Andre Mitchell pays out 300,000

The former government Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell has paid £300,000 in legal costs after losing his libel case in the Plebgate" affair
I find it amusing he never got sacked immediately he returned to government and he still struts his stuff. I expect he will claim the costs as expenses after all you can get a duck house why not the dog house?

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Eurozone Crisis Greek Exit

I can remember eighteen months ago asking this same question, is the eurozone due for a rocky ride? I must say then I thought the Greeks wouldn't still be in the Eurozone now but it is and my predictions have been proved wrong. So much for my powers of prediction. I still recon we are due a period of instability in Europe and the financial implications are huge. If Greece fails and refuses to renegotiate the loans it's had in the process of creating another currency it will junk itself and severely damaged the Euro. Basically they, the Greeks that is hold the trump card the I don't give a toss card, they owe so much basically it's never going to get repaid that then leaves the door open for all of the rest of the countries to say give me a right off or I am reneging.
My predictions are that Greece will go basically because I have predicted it before and although it's eighteen months later nothing has really changed just the date.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Jews and kid's with glasses

Anti Semitic rhetoric and actions are  something Jews all over the world have to put up with on a daily basis. Much like black people are singled out because of the colour of their skin or other minority groups. I probably as do many schoolchildren called someone with glasses four eyes or the larger child was called tubby. But as adults we hopefully grow out of such hurtful practices. But I see on the news the Jewish community is bracing itself for more violence against them. I can't understand why people would deny the Holocaust and the millions of Jewish deaths. Horror and barbarism in any form needs to be recognised for what it is. Those that deny acts of cruelty ever happened are just choosing the nice bits of history and papering over the nasty bits. Arabs who do not recognise the Jewish community exist are selective with reality. They cannot move on if they cannot accept reality and nothing will change until change happens. Dress it up however you like but the last thousand years have not managed to eradicate this divisions the only way change will ever occur is if people grow up and change much like schoolchildren realising people who wear glasses are the same as themselves just with one ore two differences.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Saudi blogger Raif Badawi hi lites hypocrisy of Gulf Kingdom

The day before Saudi Arabia's were at the Charlie Hebdo March in Paris in their homeland the blogger arrested for daring to criticise those in power on his blog was publicly flogged. He had been sentenced to ONE THOUSAND LASHES and ten years imprisonment for actually speaking out about the religious hypocrites who are in charge of Saudi Arabia's judicial system. Evidently one thousand lashes metred out fifty a week for twenty weeks and ten years locked away is OK in a country where they hang people for Minor misdemeanors such as murder so maybe he has to look upon his sentence as a reprieve. Here in the West we view it as vile and unjust but our government won't say anything as the Saudi's spend a lot of money on arms from the UK, money can buy a lot of silence. That silence has and is seen by the Saudi's as the signal they can do whatever they choose. If that means Raif Badawi dying a death by a thousand lashes it is taking the piss out of the Western World  and doing it over twenty weeks.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Charlie the prophet is on the front page

Charlie has an image of the prophet crying on the front of this week's edition. It could have chosen t put images of the relatives of those killed, they too would have been crying. Yet a few minutes before writing this a Muslim reporter was on TV saying how wrong it is to draw an image of Muhammad. Not that it was wrong for someone to kill innocent people in the name of Muhammad? All the time people have extremist views this is not going away. Isis wants people to revert back to live like it was still the 12th Century but want to impose that ideology by the use of twentieth century weapons and drive the motor car. In the twelfth century the wheel was hi tech and communication was parchment and quill. Yet the ideology is undimmed and the irony escapes all side.
It's not just the Muslims but the Jews want all followers of the faith to come and live is Israel. Those murdered have become a beacon to get European Jews to relocate to the motherland. Nothing to do will forth coming elections once again the irony fails to be apparent.
Talking of irony every one of those leaders pictured in Paris over the weekend pouring support for the French and free speech has locked up reporters because they spoke out against the regime's those leaders control. But then a decent photo opportunity never did get turned down truth and liberty always loose out. I think it was Mark Twain who said "a lie can be half way round the world before truth has got its boots on" and each of those lying hypocrites wanted their lies spread far and wide.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Ban extremists?

I am laying in bed waiting for my wife to get me dressed and the news is on the radio, someone has proposed banning extremist speaker's at universities. It got me to thinking about an old joke that went along the lines of suppose they threw a war and no one turned up!
All of these extremists seek publicity just as you and I need oxygen. If no one turned up to listen to their vitriolic views they would eventually crawl away. I can understand the urge to ban them but ignoring them would be better. 

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Paris Three Million in unity marches

After an horrific week more than three million people of all religions creeds and nations took to the street in a show of unity. This is the future for France. After the fanatics have done their worst it is down to the rest of the nation to hold their nerve and not point fingers at every Muslim and see a terrorist. Just as every religion has zealots the vast majority are peaceful people. Not every Muslim wants to tote an AK47 and shoot infidels.  I am at a loss to understand the sheer evil employed this week and I join with other of all faiths including Muslims in condemning the mindless actions of a small minority, I am reminded of a poster I saw which read
True Muslims cannot be terrorists and a terrorist cannot be a true Muslim

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

NHS in melt down?

Depends who you listen to Labour claiming that A&E services are in melt down and from the Conservative viewpoint it is down to the patient who is at fault. I believe the problem to be somewhere in between. With my Multiple Sclerosis I have had several occasions where I have had to be admitted to A&E. It has usually been by ambulance via recommend from a district nurse. I have nothing but praise for our National Health Service but it is always over worked. I can only speak for Margate and Canterbury hospitals where in my experience they have always been very busy. That could be because people who are there are in genuine need of emergency care are are in need of perceived emergency care. The first group are easy to define broken legs wounds requiring stitches car accident victims burst appendix. But I have been in A&E and seen people whom one must assume common sense has left them, they sat for four hours to take up the time of nurses and doctors because they wanted reassurance that all is well with their sore finger or the boil on their bum is not going to cause gangrene. Had they have gone to a chemist they would have been able to get advice that the offending finger needed antiseptic cream and the boil needed a plaster and some cream. But no let's waste our time and that of the NHS.Accident and Emergency departments. Unless it is an emergency go to the doctor. A&E is for emergency. The clue is in its name.
The biggest problem is with the fact people cannot get to see their GP so in the knowledge if they phone up for an appointment it will be next week at the earliest they can see anybody and if they insist on seeing their own GP add another five days. I suggest the population gets notice of any need to see a doctor a fortnight in advance so as when they want an emergency appointment they can have phoned ten days earlier. That of course is impossible and in my opinion why suddenly why A&E centres are so busy. We have an added problem where we are living to a far greater age. Older people by definition will require more care from the health service. Cutbacks in after care services mean longer stays in hospital. It is a very complex problem there are many facets to health care and some of the cuts in local government have caused problems that initially would not have been obvious. Pigeons are only now coming home to roost. Austerity measures are fine a cutback here a closure there a saving made but eventually something has to give, and like fault lines that build up pressure before an earthquake unleashes its devastation, I suggest the Conservative cutbacks have only just started to reveal the pain and I also suggest we are going to feel more pain as like a woman giving birth the contractions get stronger.

Charlie Hebdo

Even in the midst of the seriously awful news that twelve have died at the hands of gunmen I had to smile at this
I cannot find words to describe some one who uses a gun to stop a pencil. After all pencils can cause so much harm.Sorry I cant say anymore its just so wrong

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Ukip without an elected leader Thanet South says no to Farrage

How will Ukip look come the Day after the General Election if Thanet South says no to Nigel Farrage? May the seventh is the election date but if Thanet South reject  Mr. Farrage will that mean an end to his dreams of Coalition and being a figure to be reckoned with in UK politics? Personally I don't think he will care after all he is copping plenty of cash out of the very EU he detests. His expenses for being a member of the very thing he wants to withdraw from could possibly fund several nurses but he obviously has not heard about biting the hand that feeds you.
And once again this is just my personal views he talks tough on Europe but would he want to cut off that funding source. Ukip is a minority party and as such despite the resentment of the EU Nigel and his cronies are eligible for mucho wonga in non repayable funds from the European Commission. Turkey's are not known for their love of Christmas and given a choice they would not vote for Christmas. Ukip on the other hand are fighting a political election of the very fact they don't want anything to do with Europe and its citizens but they are not above feathering their very political nests with Euro's handed over from the EU.
Double standards?  Yes but Nigel is married to a European but he wants her to stay but kick out other hard working Europeans. As I said typical  political thinking DON'T DO AS I DO BUT DO AS I TELL YOU.

Election fever and its only January

I watched BBC News Night last night, mainly just to see what the reports on the first day proper of the election had turned up. Nothing is the short answer but many will be poring over the words and just like a primeval whitch doctor casting runes and depicting meaning in the utterances. The most truthful among them will admit they know nothing, but where are the column inches in that. Last night the BBC committed the entire program to the days events, they even had a dog in a pink outfit pounding the streets, I hope someone out there has a picture of that.
Nearly two thousand years ago Greek Philosopher's told us the way to a tranquil life is not to think upon that we cannot change. Well there will be lots of tranquil lives wrecked in the next one hundred and something day's. The only way any of us can have a part in this is by putting our cross in the box and awaiting the counting but we are only human and the voyeur in each of us will relish the coming days, we will read the runes cast and poke over the entrails and each one of us will become an expert. The is plenty of time for stoicism in the five years after the election. BRING IT ON
ELECTION 2015 is underway

Monday, 5 January 2015

Register to VOTE Election 2015

With the up and coming Election looming large on the horizon if you want to vote make sure you register. Check here on the REGISTER TO VOTE WEBSITE


Sunday, 4 January 2015

Who shall I vote for in May? undecided voter

I have never liked the term floating voter but that is what I am. Both main parties Conservative and Labour are failing to excite me and I can't vote UKIP I just couldn't. It's not that I don't think immigration isn't an issue for me illegal immigrants are a problem, you see camps in  Calais full of illegals and whilst I may feel sorry for them If the wanted asylum the should have sought it at the first place they were able to get it not travelled through half of Europe and picked England as a place of choice to seek asylum. It doesn't work like that. The country's they have travelled through ILLEAGALY didn't want to know and as for France they know they are there illegally why don't they sort them out?
That brings me back to who to vote for. Lib Dem, no I don't think so they make me cringe and they won't even get as many seats as last time some of those students they sold out are now voters and they feel sold out by Clegg and Co. Greens well that is a good question I can relate to the Green Party but I couldn't vote for them. What with Brighton being run by the Green Council and they are in such a mess and have such stupid plans I can't even consider the possibility of them ever getting my vote.

So that's me the floater. I always considered a floater as something unpleasant that hadn't flushed away if you know what I mean. I don't consider myself as unpleasant, no far from it. I like to think of myself as rational and reasonably well informed, I listen to the news I watch current affairs programs and I think. Oh do I think? That's why I am a floater I think. I sometimes think it would be better if I was a dye in the wool Red or Blue Tory or Labour voter. You know the type my dad always voted for so and so and his father before him so I am following the family tradition. But I never knew my dad he died when I was ten and I had not had time to consider Tory or Labour . So here I am as a confused voter unable to choose. If I didn't consider it my duty to vote I might choose to withdraw my vote but the older I get I think everyone should vote, if you don't vote you can't moan, now that is my reason for voting I love to moan.

Labour fight election on NHS

I expected it to be faster but the main political parties have left it until this weekend to start campaigning in earnest. According to the Independent Labour are going full out on the NHS. Well I can't say it is a bad strategy the headlines that doctors are getting paid two thousand pounds a day will upset many people, especially our hard working nurses who are there day in and day out busting a gut to administer care to patients. The most astonishing thing about that fact, I can't call it a story is that Hospital administrators don't know if they are getting the best prices. It reminds me of the story and I paraphrase here Nasa paid one hundred dollars for a three cent screw because of incompetence and greed.
I am not calling these people greedy but let's say it is morally wrong.
So election 2015 is under way, I will add to this during the day.

I have just seen the One O'clock News on the BBC and both main parties are setting out their stalls for the election. Tories on the economy and Labour on the NHS and so it will be on these issues and not as UKIP would have you believe on immigration. Cameron was on the Andrew Marr show claiming he knows what Milliband and co will do if the manage to gain power and Milliband and his crew are claiming the NHS cant stand another five years of Conservative cuts.

  Labour election poster on NHS Conservative election poster

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Conservative Begging eMails

Yesterday it was Grant Shapps today it was David Cameron begging for cash. Both asked me for twenty quid. Not quite as bluntly as I have put it but begging all the same. I never get emails from any of the other parties which is something I am pleased about. I have never joined any political party so why Shapps Cameron should target me is unknown probably in retaliation to my begging letters.

Play Grant Shapps Bingo HERE
The Huffington Post loves him

Friday, 2 January 2015

Nationalise the Railways

Well we have tried nationalisation and be fair it works for some. The people who benefit are the share holders the one who won't be using the railways, the pension funds and hedge funds the investors who want a big fat return. The will be counting on fares going up to keep the return on their INVESTMENTS. They don't care that the very people who use the services are being ripped off all they want to see is TOO the bottom line is money. I hear word percentage and invest in the future but I don't see any real improvement. The investors still get their returns but the users still get crap service. Successive Governments have sold off bits of the family silver and we have sat by and watched. Now there are calls for nationalisation and I am with them.
Coalition COCK up corporation want to carve up the NHS privatisation by the back door. The profitable bits it want to put out to contract and who gets the contract Coalition cockup corporations chums, Conservative back scratchers. The railways keep getting more expensive the costs tendered by Coalition cocktails get more expensive and the looser is not the government no it is us. At some stage we will be taxed on this mismanaged COCK up but those who lumbered us with it they will be long gone. It will be US at the lower end of the food chain paying for it twice over.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Not seen any news on tellie today

Nope after a late start today has been spent with family so I have not seen any news, what news I have had has been of football scores. I did read via Twitter that UKip have realised they can't keep blaming all ills on immigration. Younger voters are being turned off by the relentless immigrant bashing and with Labour claiming they will cut tuition fees the family guy is listening to Miliband and his mates.Greens seem to be favoured by many tweeters. The main news is Chelsea looking to Tottenham. So even if I didn't see the news I got the scores sorted

Life is getting better, the Beatles told us in the 60's

Yep it's official I am in bed watching Jools Holland and some astrologer bloke tells us it is getting better. I prefer more grounded proof and I reckon that after the worst recession in living memory things will now start to improve. STARS they are like false teeth they come out at night. Any world events are due to man not the convergence of solar powers. Day follows night, we are at the dawn of the future every day.

Happy New Year. Register to vote

First things first HAPPY NEW YEAR. Now for the important message Register to vote. The government in their wisdom need you to register. If you are not registered YOU will not be able to vote. Now I don't care who you vote for but if you don't vote you have no voice. You then have no right to moan about who gets in next year. You never voted so don't moan about them. You will be as big a part of the problem as who ever gets in. Register and make sure you are eligible to VOTE.
 Read this on on the ABOUT MY VOTE SITE