Sunday, 1 November 2015

Female genital mutilation in the Uk FGM

I see that the Government is bringing in New laws to stop this awful practice. They are now putting the responsibility on to Teachers and doctors to report cases to the police. Whilst this new piece of legislation is admirable I feel it will do little to end this awful disgusting practice. People have reported cases before and if I am correct virtually no prosecution's have ever come to a successful outcome. This is a bit like closing the stable door long after the horse has run away. Girls will have been mutilated by the time the police get involved. What is needed is more intervention before these children are abused!
All that will happen now is FGM victims will never be seen by doctors and never get the justice they deserve. This is a step towards doing something but in my opinion prevention is better than cure. 

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Refugees and the UK.

What is it with the Refugees and the Conservatives, the current Government has been dead set against helping sort out a problem that was partly created by the Last Labour Government. I disliked Saddam Hussein as much as the next man but he managed to keep things on a relative even keel. And the same was true in Libya. Gaddafi May have been a maniacal dictatorship funding equally mad terrorist organisation's but you knew what you were getting. Now this lot are ignoring the fact in the most part we with a huge lot of help from the Americans made that region unsafe. Assad in Syria need our help a couple of years back. He may have been an unsavoury partner but look at the fall out from not helping. We have an even bigger devil one that is a killing machine on an industrial scale. And I for one cannot understand any right minded person wanting to support it but disaffected people  all over want to have their five minutes of fame, or maybe it is just blood lust. The desire to kill?
Weapons of Mass Destruction and the stupid actions of Blair and Bush got us to where we are today yet they are applauded as hero's yet in fact their hand are as bloody today as is any of the dictatorship' s they toppled.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Promote Thanet: Forbidden

Promote Thanet: Forbidden: Eyesfront Productions a Margate based independent film production company have made the promo for Forbidden a story of love that is Forbid...

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Jeremy Corbyn

Well things are hotting up in the Labour leadership election, Jeremy Corbyn warns he will not tolerate personal attacks on his rivals but I expect he really would like to stick pins in his opponents eyes, he wants to give the appearance of the second coming but he is only human. 

Friday, 31 July 2015

Operation Stack our Dave will fix it!

Nothing to worry about regarding operation stack, super Dave flew back yesterday straight to work on solving the gridlock. Swarming all over it like a well you know a swarm of bee's like cobra' s  ready to sting. He will fix it, oh no sorry I am confusing him. It's that cartoon character who fixes stuff, oh what's his name..... it's coming I tell Bob he will fix it. Superman is busy so Super Dave will send some temporary fencing. WHAT GOOD IS TEMPORARY FENCING. Send a fire engine to put out those burning tyres plus send McAlpines to prepare the burnt roads but fencing. Those guys are climbing over razor wire and he wants to send some tapes like they use in the local post office to keep crowds of pensioners in line. The crazy thing is the M20 has been at a standstill as it is used as the words biggest car park and it has been like it for the last four weeks. But no one has done anything in that time and now super hero's come back and he will fix it. Yep and pink pigs were seen tonight flying over the White Cliffs of Dover in the light of a Blue Moon.

Alexander Litvinenko So Russia is to blame, who would have thought it

Alexander Litvinenko died because of the Russian state decided they wanted him dead. It has taken about seven years to come up with this conclusion, most of us knew the answer seven years ago. Putin he of bare chested horse riding and all round macho man must have given the order or  at the very least been in on the decision to kill an enemy of Russia on foreign soil. I find it extraordinary that it has take all those years to come up with this answer. Russia must think that the UK is a dog without teeth all bark but no bite. The Government has to step up to the plate and show it is serious about defending people on our shores. A foreign state cannot sanction  killings here and get away with it.
Our Government has sat on its hands over this issue and it is about time someone grew a pair and instigated some sort of reprisals but as usual I doubt anything other than a strongly worded letter will be issued.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

A swarm of illegal immigrants

Crazy how one word can change a perception. Swarm. David Cameron's use of the word has suddenly become more relevant than the fact and yes it is a fact the unfortunate human beings are swarming in France much like bee's swarm and they are trying to cross the English channel, their destination the UK. Everyone and their dogs cats and budgerigars are decrying him and suddenly the emphasis has changed from keep the illegals out to its OK.  they are humans and they are trying to get a better life. They are conveniently overlooking the fact that these would be illegal immigrants possibly landed in Europe over a thousand miles away from Calais and could and should have claimed asylum in the first county the arrived at.
I listened to an interview on radio four earlier today when a chap was rescued from a boat in the Mediterranean landed in Italy but escaped before he could be fingerprinted because he didn't want to register in Italy, and to that point the Italian policemen never gave Chase because the don't want them. Odd the Italian government don't want them and in Calais the French police don't really do much to stop them, is there a trend starting? Don't stop the illegal immigrants let them get to England they can get sorted in Dover, let's ignore the fact they landed in Italy and have travelled more than a thousand miles. Swarm yes they are swarming to get to England because the other countries are not doing their job.

Image from Daily Telegraph of a swarm of immigrants

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

odd how news gets shelved

I am writing this almost twenty four hours after reading on the BBC News website about how the army has been cut in numbers years earlier than planned. THE BBC HAVE NOT EVEN MENTIONED IT ON TODAY'S NEWS.It can have only have been a cost cutting exercise saving the MOD huge amounts in its wage bill but my concern is that the cuts leave us very vulnerable. Don't get me wrong I am not wishing a conflict but with the way Russia is behaving in the Ukraine and other conflicts going on in Syria etc. We need an armed force and the powers to be just want to keep cutting away at our ability to defend ourselves. Defence is a lot like insurance you only ever notice the cost until you need it, and then you are pleased you invested in it.

GP' s overworked

I am wide awake at 3:00am again. I have just turned my tablet on and checked the BBC NEWS ONLINE and realised lots of news has been released since going to bed a few hours ago. Stuff the government must have put out for digestion in tomorrow's headlines, one such headline will be that GP' s are overworked and the Government have plans to train 5,000 New GP' s and the same number of support staff. Great I thought but then it dawned on me that this has not just happened. I know several doctors and they are as busy today as they were when I came into their circles fifteen years ago. Why has it only just been acknowledged we need to reduce the stress and workload? I am a huge cynic and I recon it is a good news story being used to bury bad news and on the same page is a story spun to sound like good news that the ministry of defence has The number of British army personnel has been cut back by 20,000 - three years ahead of target.
Sure enough I am now writing six hours later and no mention of the defence of our nation on any of the news bulletins. The fact that GP's are finding it hard is also hardly noteworthy let alone the damning fact we will find it hard to defend our sovereignty.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Tax credit cuts and Greece

I have never been a fan of tax credits I was born to soon to benefit from them, no doubt had I been able to receive money from the system I would have had a different view of getting extra cash for going to work. Unfortunately I was unable to claim  tax credits and I had to bring up my three children without the help of the claiming any tax benefits. This form of refunding money used to be available to people earning almost forty thousand pounds a year. The figure for top claimants earning has been reduced to thirty three thousand pounds but if the news broadcast' s are to be believed that figure is going to be cut. I have no problem with people getting what is available to them it is the whole  tax credit idea that I find  stupid. Talking about stupidly the Eurozone is once again wagging its finger at Greece and enforcing its requirements to enable Greece obtain finance to pay of debts to the Eurozone. . I know I have a simplistic view of Greece's problems  but Europe is lending Greece money so that it can give most of it straight back, to me that is stupidly ohh I forgot to say the Eurozone is screwing Greece by not giving the dosh until Europe has inflicted pain upon the Greek people. Masochistic if you ask me.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Referendum is on the cards

We are in the run up to an EU referendum and I heard in mentioned that they are working on the wording of it. How simple can an in out referendum be? But political power's have to complicate the question. Stay in or get out are the only two  things that been be on the paper but they are working on the wording. It always amazes me how complicated simple thing can become. I always used to say "if you want to go a quick thing slowly involve a committee" and the bigger the committee the slower the progress. Personally I want us to stay in the European Union. I think we will be silly to walk away from being a part of our biggest trading partners. Yes there is stuff I would like to see changed but leave not on your nelly.
Being part of a family is very much like being in the EU. Sometimes you don't like stuff other family members do but you don't disown them. To me it's seems crazy to make trading with other EU counties more difficult. I can't understand the Ukip stance of if it's foreign it is bad. Nigel Farrage has based his whole political premise on getting out of Europe because he dislikes Europeans?  Maybe. I know fellow Brits who are suspicious of anyone who can't speak English and who when on holiday in Spain just talk to waiters very loud and slowly expecting them to understand. It never occurred that people from a foreign country wouldn't be able to speak English.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Will this month see Greek Exit

I have been prediction the Grexit or Greek Exit for over eighteen months and as each payment date draws ever closer they manage to pay up. This time will be slightly different but I expect to see them hang on to the end of the month, that in itself is only making things worse. With the euro hemorrhaging from Greek Banks the country runs the risk of running out of money and then after refusing to pay until the end of the month will become we cant pay this month and them  we cant pay FULL STOP. I saw the argument that it could stay in the euro with a different exchange rate but I cant see that being of much help other than delaying the inevitable. Talks with Russia are I imagine a way of goading European leaders rather than being a way to raise cash. Russia gains nothing from Greece other than to poke a stick in the eye of European leaders and whilst this may be tempting Russia is hurting under its current sanctions and would like to get back on a more even relationship with the West. Today is the sixth of June In am not a gambling man but my money is on the EU backing down and helping its troublesome partner before the end of the month because by then the Greek Coffers will be empty.  

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Daily Express want madness

I had the misfortune to read a copy of the Daily Express in the week. It's going on the list of newspapers not to read, along with the Daily Mail it is a short list but one to no doubt be added to.  I dislike the European Union and its unelected spokesman whom dish out laws that are beyond stupidity, I named this blog to show their ridiculousness and the ludicrously stupid and seemingly endless laws. But as stupid as the EU is I believe that Cameron can cut a deal to relax some of the stupidity put upon us by unelected spokesmen. People who have got a lot of power but can't understand the real world, these faceless eurocrats keeps churning out thousands of stupid laws  to firstly justify their existence and secondly to keep their noses in the trough. The have thousand of people whom if they never pushed the paper around would be out of a lucrative job.
I want us to stay in the EU but as with changes. British being British will obey an EU dictate to the letter. We will say oh it says that we must obey rather than go with the spirit we follow the thing slavishly.  The French look at the same thing laugh and go to lunch for three hours come back and file it and just carry on as before. Italy Spain and most others do likewise but we read it twice copy it into triplicate and obey no matter how stupid. THAT is what we need to remove from the EU, the stupidity. We need to stay in but on a different footing, I feel the Express wants the wrong way forward. We need the money and trade and that will be got easier from stay put rather than walking away.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Queens speech wakes me up

I have not been posting since the election well that's going to change. Yesterday's Queens speech woke me up. I have all ready written about my dislike of the sell of of housing society homes in my previous post but another thing that angered me is the removal of benefits for young people 18 to 21 I have friends who are carers for some young people who have had horrendously awful starts to life and whom will never fit into mainstream society. Yet they are classed as adult at eighteen and they are turned out into the world and have to fend for themselves. I know the powers to be will say provisions have been made for such circumstances but I live in the real world and know that lots of these young people will fall through gaps in the system. As with all legislation it is made not in the real world but by dreamers within the Westminster bubble. And we all know that those cosseted individuals do not live in the real world, they went to public schools off to university and then became civil servants. They have never worked in the real world and have a notion of Utopia and they can achieve it by legislation.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Housing Association sell off

Since the great council house sell offs in the nineteen eighties we have not been building enough houses. Now the prime minister wants housing associations to sell off the housing stock that they have. I wish I could have bought a council house at half the market value but when I need a roof over my head in the 1970's  the declined to house me in my hour of need. I rented a cheap flat and then bought my own house a wreck with no kitchen and no bathroom. It cost seven thousand pounds. I could have bought a brand new house for ten thousand but couldn't run to the extra three grad. Head on to the present day youngsters need twenty grand minimum to even be considered for a mortgage and the PM wants to give people who already live in a house a huge discount and a readily available mortgage (the discount will be their deposits) and then when they have all been sold off what next?
I think the sell off stinks. No council or housing society has anywhere near enough houses and now they will have to sell off what stock they do have. Do I sound bitter darn right I am.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Cuts On Benefits?

Well only a couple of days into a new Conservative government and they are cutting benefits. I personally don't know anyone on twenty six thousand a year benefits but I find it strange that the first thing David Cameron does is bash those on benefits. The fact that he could have got more savings by sorting out tax Dodgers wouldn't look so good on the front page of the Daily Mail is not here nor there. He wants to look tough to his new intake of back benchers. He strode off purposefully after his photo shoot. He wanted to get back to benefit bashing. After all I am disabled and am draining the public purse. . My benefits went up by a whole one pound ninety this month. That would have been fantastic had my water bill standing order gone up by fourteen pounds. Still being three pounds a week worse off  is better than those who are having the cuts proposed else where.

Monday, 11 May 2015

We have a UKIP Council please pray for us

Well the outcome of last weeks election has left Thanet with a UKIP run council. I ask anyone reading this to offer up prayers incantations or any form of wizardry to help them do the best for Thanet. I cannot wait to see and hear the shenanigans they get up to. All I know is we have got to put up with it but don't expect me to stay quiet. 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

BBC NEWSNIGHT say Farrage has lost Thanet South

 Let's hope that it's true that Farrage won't get Thanet South and he will resign! An old adage springs to mind you can fool some of the people some of the time  but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. Tonight  it looked like Mark Reckless will be looking his seat in Medway and even though he tried to brave it out for the BBC News camera's you could see he was a defeated man. I have  always been a supporter of Labour's Will Scobie for Thanet South he is a local born in Margate and standing in Ramsgate. How local can you get, I doubt there are many MP' s who can say that they were born and bred as close to the seat as Will Scoble. 

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Thanet South Labour's Will Scobie set to win

I have said it all along, Will Scoble for the NO in Thanet South. He is the only choice! Whilst all the other candidate's have been promising the earth Will has carried on and told the electorate the truth. He lives in Thanet he was schooled in Thanet he went to church in Thanet (that's where I first met him) he used to go home on the bus. He is a local he is from Thanet and he is for Thanet. Both the Conservative and the leader of UKIP are outsiders Craig Mackinlay is the conservative and he was ex UKIP  just parachuted in as a right wing Tory up against the even more right wing Farrage. Mackinay has failed as a parliamentary candidate so often it's become second nature to loose.  And Farrage has promised he will step down as leader of Ukip but I bet he won't give up his job as an MEP he loves taking the EU Euro after all the gravy train is there his people know how to over charge them on expenses we learned that in Margate when they wanted receipts for over three thousand for a nine hundred pounds rd Bill. So much for being for the people!

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Prince William and Kate Congratulations on the birth of your daughter

Postal Vote done and in the post

Yep I have beat the rush. I know everyone is going to want to get out and cast their vote in this what has to be the craziest of elections. I registered a few years back and it was a fantastic decision. I am in a wheelchair and  the reasoning behind a postal vote is obvious. But anybody can register and it takes out all of the hassle. I can remember driving home from Portsmouth to cast my vote many years ago. I did it because I believe passionately in the democratic process. My forebears went   to war to keep democracy and free speech available to me, the very least I can do is use my right to vote. If I don't vote their struggles have been in vain. I have had conversations with people who say they dont get involved in politics and I am in despair with them. Everything is to do with politics from birth to the grave everyone is involved in politics. I am not going to go over the reasons to vote any further but if you have read this far I imagine you are going to be voting if you have said you are not going to vote you have got to this far because you may be undecided, all I will say is VOTE.
Read about the story behind this picture I found on the internet here

Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Twenty two million eight Billion are figures being bandied about. The problem is no more money and despite it being denied  social services cuts are hurting more than anyone is daring to say. A&E waiting time's are horrendous, getting a GO appointment in many places is impossible. Every time we get a new government they bring in a new reorganisation scheme to save money and it achieves nothing like what is promised and inevitably costs many many millions of pounds.. The debate is not coming up with any answer just blaming each other. 

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

BBC shows UKIP on two seats

To use social media terminology LOL which means that I am laughing out loud..  Farrage thinks he  would be in a position to offer coalition support to Conservative government. Excuse me as I pick myself up holding my side's which are hurting from so much laughing. Nigel Farrage looks set to be unsuccessful in Thanet South and resign as leader of if UKIP manages to retain the two incumbent MPs I personally would be very surprised. I am backing Will Scobie to win Thanet South because of the fact he is a local. Will lives within the Thanet South constituency and comes from a local Family he is married to a local girl and he knows Thanet and its requirements far better than some stranger who is talking the talk but cannot walk the walk. Both Farrage' s Ukip and the Conservative candidate who himself is a UKIP defector live miles away. So when you put your cross in the box next week vote for Labour's Will Scobie. Me well my postal vote papers arrived today I will be voting well before May the seventh.

Monday, 27 April 2015

can't sleep the election is so exciting

I have had a bad couple of days my MS  kicked in and I have been sleeping loads but now I am wide awake at two twenty three AM. I don't blame the fact I sweatshirt four hour out of the last forty eight it must be the excitement of the election. YAWN. is it me or is this all getting a bit slow and tedious?
It looks as if new boy Nigel Farrage is going to resign, he keeps trying to talk up UKIP' s chances but in all honesty I doubt they will get more than the two seats they hold at present or did before parliament was dissolved. Caroline Lucas seems set to retain her seat and that brings me to the scary nationalist party. Yes the Scary nationalist party want to hold who ever it is in Downing street to ransom! The SNP will not rest until they have said bye bye to the UK and rebuilt Hadrians Wall. The Scots want Labour to need them and Millibands likely enough going to be fooled that he can keep the crazy Scott's woman on side. NAHH NOT A CHANCE, but if he does do a deal it will be because of his ego not his personality.
So my prediction is if I manage to go to sleep now and hibernation lasts around six months I will be waking back up just in time for the next election and to see the Greeks exit the EU. Don't forget you heard it here first.
I am going to sleep now please wake me in October!

Thursday, 23 April 2015

SNP versus UKIP

People seem to have forgotten the racist rantings of UKIP and tuned into the SNP deal making shenanigans. The SON will never be happy until as there name suggests they achieve Scottish independence. So unless the Labour Party want to see UNITED KINGDOM PLC  ripped apart I cannot see anything to be gained by a SNP/lab pact.Nicola Sturgeon is single minded and as such won't do anything to benefit England unless she can gain more for Scotland. This election seems to now be about SNP more than the crackpots and loonies that was is and always will be UKIP

UKIP predicted to only get one seat

Most pollsters are showing ukip only managing to manage to secure one seat in next  months election. They don't think UKIP will do any better than the Greens and it has taken them years to manage to secure the position held by Caroline lucas. I love the green party they are so imaginative and off the wall that instead of being seen as mad they are regarded as wonderful. I class tulip as the polar opposite to them.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

BBC NewsNight shouty man

Laughing to myself, on BBC Newsnight they were discussing immigration and they had a man who because he spoke louder thought he was right. He raised his voice and spoke over people so to himself he was winning the argument. Trouble was it was a debate and anyone who has spoken with a child knows you can shout and a child will buckle. Try that with adults and you look like a bully. Exactly how he looked I do hope he never appears on television again because I will turn it off. I am now going to Google Jon gaunt to see who he is.
Found this
Jon’s hard-hitting show on FUBAR takes on the current affairs of the day with lively debate and topical guests. As always Jon encourages listeners to phone in and get involved – without the constraints of the PC brigade or the outdated regulator stifling free speech.
If you want to get involved email the show, or call 0203 397 1683.
The site says he is award winning. I won't be looking for him nor listening to him ever again I think he is a loud mouth and a bully from what I have seen of him on TV tonight.

Vote Labour get Scottish referendum

If the political commentators are to be believed a vote for Edd and Edds Labour party will end up with Nicola Sturgeon wanting another Scottish referendum as the price for compliance. True or not I find it scary that we may well end up with a situation where the tail is wagging the dog. Pollsters best guesses is that the SNP could become the third party in British politics. And seeing as they lost out on winning independence I expect there to be a hi price to pay for any cooperation. I know the parties are all claiming and counter claiming but my prediction is another election before the years out.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

SNP & UKIP are just letters

I smile each time I turn on the tellie I hear someone talking in these abbreviations. It's a guess work Nd if this happens with this party and the a coalition between this one they can get the support of that one. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN!!!
I am reminded of the 1960's hippie adage "image they threw a war and no one turned up" well the forecasting of what will happen next month is a bit like that no one has voted yet and the pundits are telling us the results before a vote has been cast. Clever when you look at it because I thought crystal balls were something from fairy tales.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Election fever more like slight temperature

Here we are in the run up to the election and we are in the period normally when things start to hot up. As of yet it is only Luke warm a slightly raised temperature, the thermometer has barely raised a degree let alone shot up. Yes I know the period of canvassing and drawing up manifesto' s has been longer but you can't tell me these guys didn't know what there manifestos were going to be, they have had four years and eleven months to plan for this moment so it is hardly a surprise is it. The debates are all but over and having seen them I fear for us in the next parliament. Personally I don't see an overall majority and personalities will rub together my prediction is for another election before the years up. But what do I know? Remember I predicted Greece to be gone before Christmas.
This political malarkey is fun but the funniest bit is all the poles are predicting UKIP to go down from two seats to only one, I just hope Farrage fails to win Thanet South. I am backing Will Scobie to win the seat with the Conservative chappie coming close behind. Farrage will be humiliated and resign. But this is all guess work. I will know the answer in a few weeks. All I can say up unroll then is make sure that you vote, your vote matters.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Tory Tax pledge is a old news story #lying

Tory tax plans to keep people on minimum wage out of tax for thirty hours. Let's look at this fantastic new plan for an election pledge. Let's look at this wonderful claim made by David Cameron.
Minimum wage for an adult is six pounds thirty one pence
Thirty hours per week =one hundred and eighty nine pounds thirty pence
Tax allowances start at ten thousand and six hundred pounds if I heard Nick Clegg correctly.
That works out approx two hundred and six pounds as a figure where taxation begins.

Anyone else see thirty hours minimum wage is already below the tax threshold?
Cameron is promising people NOT to pay tax on thirty hours work because they are not eligible to even pay tax. And I thought Farrage was a slippery lying toe rag.

I copied this from the Telegraph website

No-one on minimum wage will ever pay tax

The Conservatives will also "entrench in law" the principle that no-one working up to 30 hours a week on the minimum wage should ever pay income tax.
Under a Conservative government the minimum wage will be linked to the personal allowance, which the Tories want to raise to £12,500 by the end of the next Parliament.
They want to "permanently link" increases in the personal allowance to the increases in the minimum wage rather than inflation.
The approach means that if the minimum wage rises faster than expected, workers will still be exempt from paying income tax.
It is also an acutely political move, designed to steal Labour's thunder after Ed Miliband announced plans to increase the minimum wage to £8 an hour by 2020.
Mr Cameron said: "We're going to make sure work really pays in our country - not just now, but always. If Conservatives are in Government, we will change the law so that no-one earning the Minimum Wage will pay income tax - yes: the tax-free Minimum Wage.
"Its purpose - to link the personal tax allowance to inflation, so the lowest earners weren't over taxed and taxed by stealth. And what we're announcing today is the modern, compassionate Conservative version of that change.
"It means we can proudly say that this is the party of working people. For millions of workers not just the party of low income tax - the party of no income tax."

Friday, 10 April 2015

Keep Ukip out of Thanet

I have said elsewhere if I was able to vote for the Thanet South election candidate I wouldn't be voting Ukip. Read my promote Thanet blog for posts on why. If I could vote I would vote for the candidate who in my humble opinion is able to say he has the well being of the people of Thanet South in his heart, and that person is local lad Will Scobie. I know will and he is Thanet through and through went to school here grew up here and lives here. That is in my opinion worth voting for.

Will Scobie website 

Thursday, 9 April 2015

NHS and the election.

The election is still a month away so when will things start hotting up. Today the Labour party promised twenty thousand new nurses. Has anyone thought about this. Two shifts a day that works out to ten thousand, time off weekends and holidays the number substantially say by one third say to six thousand. That's not one extra nurse on every ward operating theatre maternity unit or district nurse throughout the land. Bear in mind how many nurses leave the profession each year and I am not counting the ones who leave and join a agency and are back doing the same job next week but costing the NHS hundreds if not thousands of pounds more in agency fees . I have spoken to doctors who are earning small fortunes by becoming locums. The recent NHS restructuring cost millions if not billions and has it improved the NHS? Personally I would say no. In my mind it is worse now than before the tinkering I know admissions have allegedly improved but those figures are massagd to make them look better. What I want to see is the party who will promise to improve the Health Service and then when in power actually do it. I actual fact I would like to see a party that fulfills its promises what ever they may be.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Election Debate recycling Promises

I smiled when watching the Leaders debate . You have heard all of these things before, it was basically the same promises recycled once again and they are promises that could have been acted upon. Cameron was once again promising more houses. In the last five years he has failed on that promise each and every year he has been Prime Minister. What annoys me about not building houses is each week we pay millions in housing benefits. Maybe private landlords deserve money for what are often over priced substandard properties. It must be a wealth redistribution scheme.

Here is a Tory Manifesto pledge that is recycled news THIRTY HOURS ON MINIMUM WAGE YOU WONT PAY TAX no Mr Cameron we aint thick YOU AINT EARNING ENOUGH TO PAY TAX


Monday, 30 March 2015

Ukip, poll only shows one seat

I have just been watching BBC NewNight and as much as I dislike that Evan Davis and his stupid repetitive asking of questions he won't get answers to, I had to smile when it came to the polls. He had some chap from the University of East Anglia reporting on the predictions for how the parties will end up when the dust settles on May 8th. The funniest bit was that all the serious number crunching and poor old Ukip only had one seat. Now asking which seat that would be is a stupid question but Evan Davis refrained from asking it. All I hope is that it is not Thanet South.  Please if Farrage fails he has said he would retire, I personally don't trust him to do that but he is a political figure and I think they are all honest upstanding citizens who always keep their word, don't they?