Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Say no to Mark Reckless

So Mark Reckless want to be part of Tulip. He threw his toys out of his pram stopped playing Tory and now wants to play with the Ukip toys. I read an article about Ukip and the one constant of they keep frightening people with, that constant is immigration. And the article made me smile because it questioned Nigel Farrage and his immigration solutions. It's a bit like the wartime problem of American soldiers over paid over sexed and over here.
People think UKIP has a magic wand, a wand that once waved everything will be all right. Simple Ukip will sort it out, send them all back home!
Well how do we do that?
Maybe alphabetically or by age or job they are doing, do we start with bricklayers or farm workers? Nurses or dentists my dentist come from Latvia. How do ukip propose to decide who goes and who stays, do night workers go first or car washing workers. Immigrants who work in take always will it be kebab shops or pizza Chinese or Indian Balti or fish and chip shops that Tulip send home first? I am sure Mark Reckless will be able to let the voters in Rochester and Strood know after all he wants to clear out the immigrants from our green and pleasant land. Where will the cut off be before 1960, first generation or second generation I know some Ugandan kids who escaped from Idi Armin that I went to school with do they aim to repatriate them or the builder I once worked for he was from Ireland can his kids stay one son employs fifty men will UKIP say he is OK but the Polish electrician he employs he must go home.
Enough of this I sound like the guy I once met in the pub. He was unemployed and wanted UKIP to ship them all out. English jobs for English workers he hadn't worked since he left school but he was sure all the immigrants had stopped him getting employment. I am sure the good people of Medway will make their choice in November I just hope they consider the results of what they wish for.

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