Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Say no to Mark Reckless

So Mark Reckless want to be part of Tulip. He threw his toys out of his pram stopped playing Tory and now wants to play with the Ukip toys. I read an article about Ukip and the one constant of they keep frightening people with, that constant is immigration. And the article made me smile because it questioned Nigel Farrage and his immigration solutions. It's a bit like the wartime problem of American soldiers over paid over sexed and over here.
People think UKIP has a magic wand, a wand that once waved everything will be all right. Simple Ukip will sort it out, send them all back home!
Well how do we do that?
Maybe alphabetically or by age or job they are doing, do we start with bricklayers or farm workers? Nurses or dentists my dentist come from Latvia. How do ukip propose to decide who goes and who stays, do night workers go first or car washing workers. Immigrants who work in take always will it be kebab shops or pizza Chinese or Indian Balti or fish and chip shops that Tulip send home first? I am sure Mark Reckless will be able to let the voters in Rochester and Strood know after all he wants to clear out the immigrants from our green and pleasant land. Where will the cut off be before 1960, first generation or second generation I know some Ugandan kids who escaped from Idi Armin that I went to school with do they aim to repatriate them or the builder I once worked for he was from Ireland can his kids stay one son employs fifty men will UKIP say he is OK but the Polish electrician he employs he must go home.
Enough of this I sound like the guy I once met in the pub. He was unemployed and wanted UKIP to ship them all out. English jobs for English workers he hadn't worked since he left school but he was sure all the immigrants had stopped him getting employment. I am sure the good people of Medway will make their choice in November I just hope they consider the results of what they wish for.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Why I think UKIP are racist

You know the type I mean, the conversation usually starts with "I ain't racist or anything like that" usually goes on to say "they are taking all our jobs" and ends with "send back where they come from". We have all heard them we may even have an aunt or an uncle who says it or we have heard it in the pub or on a bus. In the 1950's and 1960's it was aimed at the West Indians who came here to keep the buses and trains running they worked in hospitals and filled job vacancies no one really wanted to take. Essential jobs but maybe not as glamorous as some  positions around. Around about that time unemployed people would say they couldn't get jobs because all the immigrants had taken the jobs. They forgot to say they didn't want or couldn't do those jobs, oh no sounded much more sincere if they blamed someone else. It wasn't their fault. This went on into the 1970's and 80's.
By the 1990's we had seen the best and worst of Thatcherism and there was a new evil the professional unemployed. Around this time the little islanders started to resent the jobs the professional unemployed  being taken by someone who was willing to do them, Immigrants from the EU. Regardless of the EU state or the suitability of the worker our little islanders refused to accept we need immigrants to pick fruit and harvest vegetables. Our building sites wouldn't function without labourers our trains and underground wouldn't be safe with out the labour provided by immigrant workers.
We wouldn't get to work without these people but once again Ukip's little islanders refuse to accept we need the labour these "immigrants" provide. Ukip have done a good job appealing to those in our midst's who have the little island mind set. The people who think every person who originates from across the channel cant be clever enough to be a doctor or a nurse who would never manage to study for a degree because the are johnny foreigners and as such some how inferior to British bulldogs even if those British bulldogs wouldn't know work let alone a degree if it bit them on their bums. But little islanders refuse to accept anything other than roast beef for Sunday dinner and garlic must be the spawn of the devil. The type of person who rather than learn a foreign language shouts slowly and loudly when asking for two beers in a bar in Magaluf to go with his fish and chips. Do you think I am being unkind to our British Bulldogs? Darn right I am if you take a canine British bulldog and then an Alsatian and a doberman or a daschund  they all get on. Unfortunatly dogs dont recognise borders and after a smell of the other dogs butt they all get on.
Nigel Farrage and his mates tend to think inside the box they think inside the box is good safe and secuure, anthing outside the box is bad and dangerous. You have guessed the box I am talking about is England and outside the box is the rest of the world. So by definition anyone who is not British must be a different race and Ukip has shown it thinks anyone who is not British is inferior I would say this makes them racist.