Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Tory electioneering under way shhhh don't tell anyone

In the last few days I have been bombarded with emails from the Tories each different but with the same plea, Give us twenty quid mate. Now I am a cynical bugger at the best of times  but when George Osbourne wants to to pinch money from people who are on working tax credits and make their lives more of a misery and he wants me to help pay for his battle buses he ain't got a scooby. I bet his dinner tonight cost more than I get in Benefit for a week. He has done a good job over the last four years but I never noticed him going without. Mums up and down the country will be making choices of skip a meal to feed the kids, and these mums ain't your benefits scrounger no these are hardworking mums some with two or more jobs on MIMIMUM WAGES who are fighting to keep the wolf from the door. And he who lets the likes of Amazon and Starbucks get away without paying their fair share wants to squeeze the lowest paid again.
George Thank you but no thank you. You and that other odious individual IDS should take up another career I suggest script writing for  comedy show.

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