Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Tory electioneering under way shhhh don't tell anyone

In the last few days I have been bombarded with emails from the Tories each different but with the same plea, Give us twenty quid mate. Now I am a cynical bugger at the best of times  but when George Osbourne wants to to pinch money from people who are on working tax credits and make their lives more of a misery and he wants me to help pay for his battle buses he ain't got a scooby. I bet his dinner tonight cost more than I get in Benefit for a week. He has done a good job over the last four years but I never noticed him going without. Mums up and down the country will be making choices of skip a meal to feed the kids, and these mums ain't your benefits scrounger no these are hardworking mums some with two or more jobs on MIMIMUM WAGES who are fighting to keep the wolf from the door. And he who lets the likes of Amazon and Starbucks get away without paying their fair share wants to squeeze the lowest paid again.
George Thank you but no thank you. You and that other odious individual IDS should take up another career I suggest script writing for  comedy show.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

immigration agency got it wrong

There is always an exception to the rule. This week the immigration people had a chap locked up and were at the point of deporting him to a country he doesn't know nor speak the language. Why I ask and the only answer can be he was an easy target and the immigration people could tick a box and say look how good we are.
The chap from Maidstone I believe was bought to the UK twenty years ago his mum married his step dad when he was eighteen months old making him technically not fathered by his English dad.
The Kent online website has full story

Friday, 12 September 2014

Scotland decides

I am more than a bit fed up with the referendum, every time I see Alex Salmon I turn off. He moaned no one in Westminster cared he moaned when they came he moaned when they went back. I must say that he moans more than me and that I have been told is quite an achievement. When I was in sales many many moons ago I was told not to rubbish your opposition, he obviously never went on that training course. I like Scotland it is a beautiful place but if he is going to be the leader I recommend the Scots buy some ear plugs he will drive you mad.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Scotland's no yes vote

I haven't paid much attention to the Scottish referendum. Vaguely I am against independence for no reason other than it is change and no one likes change. Plus it is going on at the other end of the country so out of sight out of mind. I am lead to believe the Scott's don't like the English but I only base this on 1970'S memories of football matches and a homicidal maniacal Scotsman who went by the name of Fierce who when in whiskey hated everyone who came from south of the border if his team had lost. He ironically was living in Maidstone and hadn't set foot on Scottish soil in thirty years. I doubt the result will change my life dramatically so in short I don't care either way.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Socialism with a Conservative twist

In the old days or should I say the olden days we all knew our place.The Lord of the manor at the top the serfs worked for him and everything ticked along season after season. Then along comes the industrial revolution the Lord now has a mine or two an.coukd factory workers we born and everyone knew their rightful slot but things change. Along comes the great war. Death is a great leveler the great Lords and captain's of industry-leading dynasty' s found that machine gun bullets bear no differences they kill all with the same differences. War is marvellous at that it kills all with the same degree of finality. Ask King Harold if he was as dead as the serfs that fell beside him I sure the answer would be we are all as dead as each other. Well in the 20th century there were plenty of wars and plenty of dying and here's where we are now in the twenty first century and more warring going on. Possibly not as bloody  but just as deadly. Ask any of those who are being shot at by Islamic State or Russian s or Israelis and Arabs.
This brings me round to the socialist bit in my title. Russian communist regime think all should be equal apart from those at the top, they should get more cos fairs fair. And Islamic State well they are ultra conservative and want everyone to revert back to the fifteenth century apart from those at the top they don't want the trappings of 21st century but they do want modern day weapons unroll it comes to hostages. There they send out mixed messages they want to behead hostages as if it were 1514 but capture it on an iPhone and post it on YouTube. I am confused. Then it comes to Socialism. I saw on TV today refugees in France refusing help because they want to come to England. French benefits are not as good as our Socialism. France had a revolution to adopt socialism rather than a ruling elite.
I told you I was and still am confused. There are bullets flying around country's being invaded and all we can think of is reducing immigration. It's a strange old world  I wish it would stop I wanna get off.

Friday, 5 September 2014

This Post is exhausted

Well maybe not the post but the author I sat listening the news earlier and it was all bad. Putin and his cronies fighting on the Ukraine borders, IS. are about to murder a UK subject and all the NATO counties are meeting to talk about it. The world wants to fight with its neighbours and those that are not fighting are earning money out of the situations and they wont speak out.  As of this lunch time I am not worrying anymore and sit back and let the world entertain me.

I wrote this in September last year, last week the French were shaken and Israel came off badly once again not exactly entertainment but newsworthy. Charlie Hebdo has gone into overdrive and this weeks print run is over three Million copies its ironic that the gunmen were protesting about Muhammad cartoons and now rather than stop them Millions more are circulating