Sunday, 10 August 2014

Times dont change

Wars and fighting have happened since human kind first walked the earth and even with our so called intelligence we are no better that dogs. The amount of fighting and warfare going on is horrendous. We don't deserve to be here! Mankind seems incapable of sharing this planet with neither nature nor fellow humans. I wrote earlier today about Thomas Paine from the 1700's and in almost 300 years not much has changed I doubt much will change in the next 300 if of course mankind is still here by then. Wars diseases and famines seem to be the only things we are capable of getting right. Nature recovers but can we? I doubt we will be capable of lasting much longer but now as I draw nearer to my allotted three score and all that I feel inclined to feel sorry for mankind's inability rather than thankful for what I am now perceive as our stupidity. We are but here for a fleeting moment yet we believe we can make a difference. All we can be sure of is that we have got it wrong and nature will win eventually.

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