Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Gaza Homeless Horror

Gaza homes 'uninhabitable' as tens of thousands come back to rubble

United Nations says the level of destruction is 'unprecedented' as 30,000 people in Beit Hanoun alone need rehousing
This was the Headlines in today's Guardian Newspaper CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY
I have said elsewhere that I have always blindly supported Israels policies in  the West Bank but now I have gone fully polar to my previous thoughts and coming down on the Arab side.
Israel to the best of my knowledge has one of the best equipped war machines in the world yet it has targeted the civilians not the terrorists. 
I lay in bed last night thinking about this and also my indigestion and if I should take pain killers before Gavescon or after. Israel has had great support and after the way they have demolished thousands of homes of innocents caught up in this endless cycle of repression I for one am questioning my support for what they are doing. I have never sat down and thought about it before maybe it was the Judeo Christian thing, but now I am asking myself why do these Thousands of people have to suffer.
Benjamin Netanyahu the Israeli Prime Minister will tell you it was a strike at Hamas and the tunnels they have built to get into Israel but they could be destroyed Without bombing the homes of as the headline says 'unprecedented'levels of destruction.
To me with all of the technology available the tunnels are a smoke screen. Motion detectors could be deployed to see where they are, last week Hammas jumped out of a tunnel a few hundred yards from a Kibbutz and captured a soldier. If the tunnels were the real reason for this unwanton blood letting  they would have known it was just a few hundred yards from their people.
Maybe  I am being to simplistic and it is the tunnels in the West Bank that they fire rockets from. Well if they know where they are target them now women and children, children who  only see an Israeli olive branch as a weapon with which to beat and oppress not as a sign of peace and hope.
I don't know what the answer to this ongoing dispute is and after thousands of years nor do the sides involved but an endless cycle of tit for tat wont solve nor has solved anything. So maybe a new approach is called for look out for group hugs all round at the peace talks in Egypt.


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