Friday, 23 May 2014

What next for UKIP?

Well the local elections are over, the ballot booths are packed away and now we await the big test for UKIP Europe. We can't hold our breathe until the results are declared next week so what do you think will happen? Personally I don't care, I am nearly sixty and the first time I remember politics must be about fifty years ago with Harold Wilson and in that time lots of things have changed but whilst people have become more aspirational the government of the Day have each failed in some way. And it is for this reason I don't care they are all doomed to be a failure and UKIP will not suddenly sweep to power and all in the garden will Rosie. There are two constants in life and an old chap I once worked with used to put it them constants are rent day and death, I think he has now met both but I know my rent is due and death will come, both are inescapable, I have heard others contradict his version and say taxes instead of rent day. But I prefers his version.
Rent day comes around like clockwork death is met like clock work tick tick tick, if I could be bothered I could calculate how many ticks and tocks have been eliminated since I first noticed politicos fifty years ago. But like the transcendence of UKIP I personally can't be bothered I will be thinking about rent day, hopefully it will be here sooner than the other constant. There will be those of you out there who will be elated buy the perceived success of UKIP or which ever political allegiance' s you support all I will say is today's headline's will become tomorrow's chip wrapping. You and I are not going to win, we just endure.

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