Saturday, 24 May 2014

UKIP GET THE LIMELIGHT others get the headaches

Yep its after the Lord Mayors Show the bunting is rolled up and the posters are put away, Ukip have had their day and and all that is left to do is calculate what it all means. The knive are out according to the papers for  Miliband Cameron and Clegg.But nothing the News Papers say can be taken as red and as for the BBC and the airtime they have given to UKIP if they were listed on the stock market I would say the board of the BBC were all share holders. I have said before I have no interest in these elections the proof of the pudding comes next year at the general election, at the moment Nigel Farrage is a party with no MP's. and never before in the history of political conflict have so many news paper inches and so much air time both TV and radio be devoted to a nonentity. All of this UKIP success has been achieved by smoke and mirrors. The European votes are still being counted and by the time the next time we get to vote about Europe it may well be to stay in or come out so those MEP's seats Farrage wins may be vacated before they have the chance to warm their derriere on them or even find the swill trough and get their snouts into the expences gravy trains of Brussells.
 I have no interest in this recent fiasco next year will be the real one and I just googled General Election 2015 and the search was awash with predictions and pundits the first one to come up was the Guardian and in the first two paragraphs Extrapolating the results bore heavy on the tone. NO ONE KNOWS and I for one refuse to be led down the path of predicting what once upon a time would have been seen as a protest vote, to me the real electin is next year and from here on in we will see what MCC that is Miliband Cameron and Clegg not Marylebone Cricket Club.
 It just struck me that the Matrix will have to be remade do you remember the question  Red pill and blue pill well we now may need a purple pill to be included in that question

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