Saturday, 24 May 2014

Joined Optimizing AdSense got Insurance Adverts

I want to earn more from my AdSense account so I signed up with Optimizing AdSense and filled in some online tests, it seems I am in dire need of their help because I only got a few questions righ. Google want me and you to succeed because the more income we have the more they earn. Simples really. Google have all sorts of aides to make understanding their ads and how the system works but in my experience the best way is to get lots of visitors. I must be rubbish at blogging when I read that some people are earning thousands of pounds and all I make is a few quid off my  four blogs. My content must be boring? I do not blog to earn income which is just as well, my idea is just to use the few pounds a month to pay for more camera's or film. Developing 120 film gets to be expensive. My other blogs and are set up for AdSense and if I put in more time and post more stuff I in theory would earn more money. I dont think AdSense is about quantity it is about quality. If you get regular readers and a decent following the clicks will come. For me I am in the position of just letting things stay the same I am to old to worry about chasing the money, I do this for fun and the few pounds I do earn comes in handy. I did notice on the email I got from Google the adverts were from Insurance companie. Insurance is one of the big earners for google and for AdSense users like me so maybe me mentioning Insurance and Medical Insurance I will earn some big bucks this month. Find more about Optimizing AdSense

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