Monday, 26 May 2014

France Far Right National Front storms ahead

Nigel Farrage and his supporters will be smiling tonight an news of French Far Right activists are winning seats in France. The only people who should be worried are immigrants in France, I remember mobs attacking foreign nationals in Paris just because of the colour of their skin a few years back.  France has not been doing to well of late and last month their Prime Minister last month said he was forming a government for combat. I do hope that his words were not a warning on the future and that the battles are not against immigrants. Marine le Pen was already talking about her National Front party joining forces with UKIP Nigel will be amongst good company French National FRONT and Skip a marriage made in heaven or hell depending on which side of the political divide your on. Personally I think between them they can slow Brussels down to a snail's pace and cause problems enough in both France and England the next few years promise to be entertaining at the very least.

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