Monday, 26 May 2014

European break up?

After the results in the 2014 elections can Europe hold together? Are the results going to see the barricades going up around the borders? Is this the start of the break up of the union? Here at home is UKIP going to be the fourth political party or is this just a flash in the pan. With less than a year to go before next year's General election can the Ukip candidates win seats. I just heard on news night that a lady who agreed with UKIP say when asked would she considered voting for them next year her reply was no European and general are two completely different things.
All sorts of reasons can be concluded for voter Europe wide voting the way they have immigration, recession, lack of jobs. But how will this look in five years time will thing's improve and all this be forgotten or will this be the beginning of the end . Next year will show what the UK voters  really think. WHATCH THIS SPACE.

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