Wednesday, 23 April 2014

UKIP Scaremongers

I had to smile when listening to the radio yesterday, I don't remember the names of the people being interviewed but the discussion was about UKIP's new poster campaign. The first UKIP chappie was saying all the cafes near him in South London were being run by people from Eastern Europe taking jobs for English people. What he didn't have an answer for was if these so called job stealers were able to come here and set up a cafe and make a go of it why was no Brit doing the same. The immigrants take a risk, work long hours for little reward but UKIP wont recognise they deserve a bit of praise. If a Brit had the guts to open a cafe he would be praised but because it was a European he was decried as taking our jobs. My problem with this is NO BRIT DID. I don't know the circumstances of this but all I keep seeing with people believing UKIPS hype is that the jobs being taken by johnny foreigner are not being taken by Brits because the Brits wont work they want it on a plate. We used to be called a nation of shop keepers but now we wont take the risk anymore. And when someone who is not British takes the risk UKIP jumps up and down and says they are stealing our jobs. Hmmm me thinks they be a bit biased and speak with forked toungues

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