Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Internet searches for Hummus in Vegetarian search

I am a devout carnivore and giving up meat even the mere thought of it is something I find abhorrent. But I do know several people who are the complete polar opposite to me. I dont try and get them to eat meat and likewise they dont critisise my preference to do so. But the fact is I do like vegtables and I also like fish, in fact I would go as far to say I love fish. Getting back to the reason for this post is WHY? Why would Hummus top a google search for top searches? the others in this top search were Tofu Seitan Tempeh and Hummus. The reason it took my attention was yesterday I has seen a TV cook show making hummus and I wondered if it is that popular that I see it on TV and on Google maybe I should blog about it on here to see how much  attention it did attract. Here is a youtube clip on making your own Hummus

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