Sunday, 21 December 2014

North Korea Its a bit like UKIP

By that I mean dictatorship and not Kim Jong going down the booster for a pint with the lads. UKIP want to be dictatorial over lots of stuff Immigration gay relationships and even feed babies in public. Maybe the North Korea president has now flexed his muscles and fancies his chances in dictating what theme the BBC should take in the programme schedule for next year, he might even  get Aljezera to stop showing Muslim people attacking the USA. Well his new found relationship with Sony and the American people he might be able to put in a good word, after all he is now the moral censor for the US people. Back home here we have UKIP so maybe they are our new censors, they seem to have taken over our media, the BBC give them more airtime than the Greens or Welsh parties. Our news papers seem to give more column inches and indeed blogs like this give Farrage and his band of fools more space than they deserve. But why? 

Monday, 1 December 2014

Its not that i am a racist or anything

That seems to be the words tripping off Ukip supporter' s tongues when challenged about immigration. Well I am sorry but that's exactly it sounds like to me. I wrote a huge article after BBC' s newsnight last Friday and it never published, that's what you get for using a kindle instead of a computer. It is late and I am again on my kindle. I have been asleep most of the weekend, I had a trip to Kings hospital on Friday and it exhausted me. This Ukip thing is never addressed properly by TV reporter's. They never ask the people who are claiming that they aren't racists what part of not being racists do they not understand? Now if you say there are to many of them over here send them back to their own country I am pretty sure it is racist. Those same people they want to send back to their own country's actually contributed billions to our economy and are here doing jobs that put food on our tables both at home and actually putting food on our restaurant tables. Waiters cooks chefs cleaners and fruit and veg pickers along with hundreds of other jobs that despite unemployment business owners are having trouble recruiting workers for. Immigration isn't a dirty word, illegal immigrants are the ones we don't want. But they all get tarred with the same brush.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Say no to Mark Reckless

So Mark Reckless want to be part of Tulip. He threw his toys out of his pram stopped playing Tory and now wants to play with the Ukip toys. I read an article about Ukip and the one constant of they keep frightening people with, that constant is immigration. And the article made me smile because it questioned Nigel Farrage and his immigration solutions. It's a bit like the wartime problem of American soldiers over paid over sexed and over here.
People think UKIP has a magic wand, a wand that once waved everything will be all right. Simple Ukip will sort it out, send them all back home!
Well how do we do that?
Maybe alphabetically or by age or job they are doing, do we start with bricklayers or farm workers? Nurses or dentists my dentist come from Latvia. How do ukip propose to decide who goes and who stays, do night workers go first or car washing workers. Immigrants who work in take always will it be kebab shops or pizza Chinese or Indian Balti or fish and chip shops that Tulip send home first? I am sure Mark Reckless will be able to let the voters in Rochester and Strood know after all he wants to clear out the immigrants from our green and pleasant land. Where will the cut off be before 1960, first generation or second generation I know some Ugandan kids who escaped from Idi Armin that I went to school with do they aim to repatriate them or the builder I once worked for he was from Ireland can his kids stay one son employs fifty men will UKIP say he is OK but the Polish electrician he employs he must go home.
Enough of this I sound like the guy I once met in the pub. He was unemployed and wanted UKIP to ship them all out. English jobs for English workers he hadn't worked since he left school but he was sure all the immigrants had stopped him getting employment. I am sure the good people of Medway will make their choice in November I just hope they consider the results of what they wish for.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Why I think UKIP are racist

You know the type I mean, the conversation usually starts with "I ain't racist or anything like that" usually goes on to say "they are taking all our jobs" and ends with "send back where they come from". We have all heard them we may even have an aunt or an uncle who says it or we have heard it in the pub or on a bus. In the 1950's and 1960's it was aimed at the West Indians who came here to keep the buses and trains running they worked in hospitals and filled job vacancies no one really wanted to take. Essential jobs but maybe not as glamorous as some  positions around. Around about that time unemployed people would say they couldn't get jobs because all the immigrants had taken the jobs. They forgot to say they didn't want or couldn't do those jobs, oh no sounded much more sincere if they blamed someone else. It wasn't their fault. This went on into the 1970's and 80's.
By the 1990's we had seen the best and worst of Thatcherism and there was a new evil the professional unemployed. Around this time the little islanders started to resent the jobs the professional unemployed  being taken by someone who was willing to do them, Immigrants from the EU. Regardless of the EU state or the suitability of the worker our little islanders refused to accept we need immigrants to pick fruit and harvest vegetables. Our building sites wouldn't function without labourers our trains and underground wouldn't be safe with out the labour provided by immigrant workers.
We wouldn't get to work without these people but once again Ukip's little islanders refuse to accept we need the labour these "immigrants" provide. Ukip have done a good job appealing to those in our midst's who have the little island mind set. The people who think every person who originates from across the channel cant be clever enough to be a doctor or a nurse who would never manage to study for a degree because the are johnny foreigners and as such some how inferior to British bulldogs even if those British bulldogs wouldn't know work let alone a degree if it bit them on their bums. But little islanders refuse to accept anything other than roast beef for Sunday dinner and garlic must be the spawn of the devil. The type of person who rather than learn a foreign language shouts slowly and loudly when asking for two beers in a bar in Magaluf to go with his fish and chips. Do you think I am being unkind to our British Bulldogs? Darn right I am if you take a canine British bulldog and then an Alsatian and a doberman or a daschund  they all get on. Unfortunatly dogs dont recognise borders and after a smell of the other dogs butt they all get on.
Nigel Farrage and his mates tend to think inside the box they think inside the box is good safe and secuure, anthing outside the box is bad and dangerous. You have guessed the box I am talking about is England and outside the box is the rest of the world. So by definition anyone who is not British must be a different race and Ukip has shown it thinks anyone who is not British is inferior I would say this makes them racist.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Tory electioneering under way shhhh don't tell anyone

In the last few days I have been bombarded with emails from the Tories each different but with the same plea, Give us twenty quid mate. Now I am a cynical bugger at the best of times  but when George Osbourne wants to to pinch money from people who are on working tax credits and make their lives more of a misery and he wants me to help pay for his battle buses he ain't got a scooby. I bet his dinner tonight cost more than I get in Benefit for a week. He has done a good job over the last four years but I never noticed him going without. Mums up and down the country will be making choices of skip a meal to feed the kids, and these mums ain't your benefits scrounger no these are hardworking mums some with two or more jobs on MIMIMUM WAGES who are fighting to keep the wolf from the door. And he who lets the likes of Amazon and Starbucks get away without paying their fair share wants to squeeze the lowest paid again.
George Thank you but no thank you. You and that other odious individual IDS should take up another career I suggest script writing for  comedy show.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

immigration agency got it wrong

There is always an exception to the rule. This week the immigration people had a chap locked up and were at the point of deporting him to a country he doesn't know nor speak the language. Why I ask and the only answer can be he was an easy target and the immigration people could tick a box and say look how good we are.
The chap from Maidstone I believe was bought to the UK twenty years ago his mum married his step dad when he was eighteen months old making him technically not fathered by his English dad.
The Kent online website has full story

Friday, 12 September 2014

Scotland decides

I am more than a bit fed up with the referendum, every time I see Alex Salmon I turn off. He moaned no one in Westminster cared he moaned when they came he moaned when they went back. I must say that he moans more than me and that I have been told is quite an achievement. When I was in sales many many moons ago I was told not to rubbish your opposition, he obviously never went on that training course. I like Scotland it is a beautiful place but if he is going to be the leader I recommend the Scots buy some ear plugs he will drive you mad.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Scotland's no yes vote

I haven't paid much attention to the Scottish referendum. Vaguely I am against independence for no reason other than it is change and no one likes change. Plus it is going on at the other end of the country so out of sight out of mind. I am lead to believe the Scott's don't like the English but I only base this on 1970'S memories of football matches and a homicidal maniacal Scotsman who went by the name of Fierce who when in whiskey hated everyone who came from south of the border if his team had lost. He ironically was living in Maidstone and hadn't set foot on Scottish soil in thirty years. I doubt the result will change my life dramatically so in short I don't care either way.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Socialism with a Conservative twist

In the old days or should I say the olden days we all knew our place.The Lord of the manor at the top the serfs worked for him and everything ticked along season after season. Then along comes the industrial revolution the Lord now has a mine or two an.coukd factory workers we born and everyone knew their rightful slot but things change. Along comes the great war. Death is a great leveler the great Lords and captain's of industry-leading dynasty' s found that machine gun bullets bear no differences they kill all with the same differences. War is marvellous at that it kills all with the same degree of finality. Ask King Harold if he was as dead as the serfs that fell beside him I sure the answer would be we are all as dead as each other. Well in the 20th century there were plenty of wars and plenty of dying and here's where we are now in the twenty first century and more warring going on. Possibly not as bloody  but just as deadly. Ask any of those who are being shot at by Islamic State or Russian s or Israelis and Arabs.
This brings me round to the socialist bit in my title. Russian communist regime think all should be equal apart from those at the top, they should get more cos fairs fair. And Islamic State well they are ultra conservative and want everyone to revert back to the fifteenth century apart from those at the top they don't want the trappings of 21st century but they do want modern day weapons unroll it comes to hostages. There they send out mixed messages they want to behead hostages as if it were 1514 but capture it on an iPhone and post it on YouTube. I am confused. Then it comes to Socialism. I saw on TV today refugees in France refusing help because they want to come to England. French benefits are not as good as our Socialism. France had a revolution to adopt socialism rather than a ruling elite.
I told you I was and still am confused. There are bullets flying around country's being invaded and all we can think of is reducing immigration. It's a strange old world  I wish it would stop I wanna get off.

Friday, 5 September 2014

This Post is exhausted

Well maybe not the post but the author I sat listening the news earlier and it was all bad. Putin and his cronies fighting on the Ukraine borders, IS. are about to murder a UK subject and all the NATO counties are meeting to talk about it. The world wants to fight with its neighbours and those that are not fighting are earning money out of the situations and they wont speak out.  As of this lunch time I am not worrying anymore and sit back and let the world entertain me.

I wrote this in September last year, last week the French were shaken and Israel came off badly once again not exactly entertainment but newsworthy. Charlie Hebdo has gone into overdrive and this weeks print run is over three Million copies its ironic that the gunmen were protesting about Muhammad cartoons and now rather than stop them Millions more are circulating

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Putin wants war

I find it kind of strange no one has called Putin a liar he supported the previous regime who were murdering their own citizens. He denies he has put forces into Ukraine he snatched Crimea and denied he had anything to do with it. For goodness sake will someone tell Putin he is a liar. The Russia Ukraine situation has the potential to be more serious than the rest of the world's problems.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Hamas on own killing spree

Well some may see it as eighteen less Palestinians to worry about, not me. I see it as propaganda for Hamas. They are failing and killing these sussposed spies it gives them some headline space. The fact is that Hamas is killing its own when it's sworn enemy is Israel speaks volumes. I don't like the fact that Israel has killed and maimed thousands, I don't like the fact Jew and Arab are fighting what I dislike most of all is Hamas hiding itself amongst innocents. The vast majority of people just want to get on with life but minorities within their mist keep stirring up trouble. That trouble then involved the innocent majority and the minority thinks now they will follow us because we are doing something about the Jewish reply we provoked. And on it goes neither side willing to accept they are wrong.

Friday, 22 August 2014

End of the world

Just watching the news on the BBC news channel and heard the Islamic State formally ISIS described as end of days ideologists. Well looking around the world maybe for many it must seem like the Ends of Days has arrived. Israel and Palestine Russia and Ukraine and Syria and all through the region.
I am no historian but some of this stuff has been going on over century's not days and weeks. As I type this a four year old child has died in Israel. I love my life I love my kids and grand children and I cannot comprehend why people would want to kill others. So maybe the end of the world is coming, let us hope it is the end for the aggressors not the Innocent bystanders.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Islamic State murderous but failing

The last few days have proved to me that IS is lashing out in an effort to control but they are now starting to run round in smaller circles. The acts of wanton violence are more and more desperate. It's as if they are UN heard bullies in a school playground each desperate act worse than the last in an effort to make that lonely and whimpering voice heard. They don't even trust their own and execute each other beheading assumed disloyal fellows and parading the heads as an arrogant act of superiority. Where will this all end. It will end in FAILURE. They are bullies and will never ever win. The blatant disregard for life is medieval and they are out of place and are out of time. They bear no place at the Islamic table and to do what they do in the name of God is wrong.

James Foley

First off I want to applaud James Foley and wish to offer my condolences to his family and I am not going to comment on his murderers in the same lines. I am watching his parents on TV as I type this and they are brave parents in grief talking to the world to draw attention to this heinous murder.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Michael Brown death execution?

Hands up don't shoot is the chant being used to ask the authorities why Brown was shot by an officer on the slightest of provocation. He was unarmed and shot dead and this is unfortunately not an uncommon occurrence in the USA. Over the years I have been disturbed by the amount of deaths caused by officers all over the country. To me it seems if you are black in the states the police reguard you as fair game. The world's super power may think it is able to tell the rest of the world how it should behave but it can't get its own police to have compassion it s police have people chanting HANDS UP DON'T SHOOT to teach the police not to kill it's residents..

Compassion Failure

With so much trouble in the world we could all suffer from burn out on the compassion front, I know I am. But I can't remember the exact words but what keeps me going is this :- bad things happen when good people look away. We may feel the problem is so big you personally can't achieve anything. We if everyone thought like that it would certainly be true but if loads of people do small things guess what something happens and then maybe it will gain traction. But doing nothing is not an option you know you want to so do it however small it will make a difference.

Compassion Failure

With so much trouble in the world we could all suffer from burn out on the compassion front, I know I am. But I can't remember the exact words but what keeps me going is this :- bad things happen when good people look away. We may feel the problem is so big you personally can't achieve anything. We if everyone thought like that it would certainly be true but if loads of people do small things guess what something happens and then maybe it will gain traction. But doing nothing is not an option you know you want to so do it however small it will make a difference.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Gaza Homeless Horror

Gaza homes 'uninhabitable' as tens of thousands come back to rubble

United Nations says the level of destruction is 'unprecedented' as 30,000 people in Beit Hanoun alone need rehousing
This was the Headlines in today's Guardian Newspaper CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY
I have said elsewhere that I have always blindly supported Israels policies in  the West Bank but now I have gone fully polar to my previous thoughts and coming down on the Arab side.
Israel to the best of my knowledge has one of the best equipped war machines in the world yet it has targeted the civilians not the terrorists. 
I lay in bed last night thinking about this and also my indigestion and if I should take pain killers before Gavescon or after. Israel has had great support and after the way they have demolished thousands of homes of innocents caught up in this endless cycle of repression I for one am questioning my support for what they are doing. I have never sat down and thought about it before maybe it was the Judeo Christian thing, but now I am asking myself why do these Thousands of people have to suffer.
Benjamin Netanyahu the Israeli Prime Minister will tell you it was a strike at Hamas and the tunnels they have built to get into Israel but they could be destroyed Without bombing the homes of as the headline says 'unprecedented'levels of destruction.
To me with all of the technology available the tunnels are a smoke screen. Motion detectors could be deployed to see where they are, last week Hammas jumped out of a tunnel a few hundred yards from a Kibbutz and captured a soldier. If the tunnels were the real reason for this unwanton blood letting  they would have known it was just a few hundred yards from their people.
Maybe  I am being to simplistic and it is the tunnels in the West Bank that they fire rockets from. Well if they know where they are target them now women and children, children who  only see an Israeli olive branch as a weapon with which to beat and oppress not as a sign of peace and hope.
I don't know what the answer to this ongoing dispute is and after thousands of years nor do the sides involved but an endless cycle of tit for tat wont solve nor has solved anything. So maybe a new approach is called for look out for group hugs all round at the peace talks in Egypt.


Sunday, 10 August 2014

Times dont change

Wars and fighting have happened since human kind first walked the earth and even with our so called intelligence we are no better that dogs. The amount of fighting and warfare going on is horrendous. We don't deserve to be here! Mankind seems incapable of sharing this planet with neither nature nor fellow humans. I wrote earlier today about Thomas Paine from the 1700's and in almost 300 years not much has changed I doubt much will change in the next 300 if of course mankind is still here by then. Wars diseases and famines seem to be the only things we are capable of getting right. Nature recovers but can we? I doubt we will be capable of lasting much longer but now as I draw nearer to my allotted three score and all that I feel inclined to feel sorry for mankind's inability rather than thankful for what I am now perceive as our stupidity. We are but here for a fleeting moment yet we believe we can make a difference. All we can be sure of is that we have got it wrong and nature will win eventually.

Baroness Warsi reveals what Philip Hammond said that finally convinced her to quit over Gaza

Baroness Warsi reveals what Philip Hammond said that finally convinced her to quit over Gaza

Baroness Warsi: On Boris Johnson:

Baroness Warsi:

On Boris Johnson:
The reason why Boris appeals to voters is because Boris presents himself as the person he is.
Boris does not pretend not to be posh. Boris doesn’t pretend not to have had an Eton education. What is required now is an age of authenticity in politics, and it doesn’t matter what background you come from as long as you are authentic in that identity. People are not anti-posh or anti-brown – people are anti-false.

Read More

Friday, 8 August 2014

Cannabis on Lib Dem Radar

Just watching BBC News night and Lib Dems are looking for the stoner vote. Many places around the world are dealing better with cannabis better than the UK. In the United States some places are legalising Cannabinoids here I read Savitex spray for use as a pain killer is only available on private prescription and costs hundreds of pounds. I must say that sends out the wrong message to the pharmaceutical companies we want the to invent new plant based pharmaceuticals and when they do the NHS won't licence them. People with Multiple Sclerosis have known about cannabis for years. But hey the liberals to the rescue but then I remember that the Green Party will have more MP' s after the next election.

Iraqi Yazidi MP Breaks Down in Parliament: ISIL is Exterminating my People

And we in the West wring our hands of this Genocide

From Craig Mackinlay new candidate for South Thanet for the Conservatives

Conservatives - Putting South Thanet First  
I wanted to introduce you to Craig Mackinlay who is the excellent new candidate for South Thanet for the Conservatives but I thought that it would be best for me to pass you his own introduction which outlines his experience and qualifications to become our local MP next year.
You can also be in touch with him via his email or subscribe to his newsletter so you can find out more about his views and ambitions for South Thanet

From Craig Mackinlay

Dear Supporter
To have been selected to stand in one’s own county for a seat that I have long considered a second home is a particular privilege.
Nationally, we face a tough challenge to form a majority government, but we will do it. South Thanet is a key seat if we are to amass sufficient building blocks to form that Conservative government. The alternative, a Labour government under Ed Milliband is a truly terrifying prospect. We need a further term to finish the job of restoring the nation’s finances and further improve the economy bringing opportunity to all, deliver further changes to the benefits system transforming it into one that works, and an education system that can compete globally.
Also, only we, in government, can deliver the in/out EU referendum that is long overdue. It is clear on all counts that the (then) EEC we assented to in 1975, based on free trade and friendship is a far cry from the EU that we have today, with the Prime Minister rightly describing it as “too big, too bossy, too interfering”. I have campaigned since 1991 against this increasingly remote, undemocratic and centralised EU, firstly as a founder member of UKIP, then as leader and deputy leader of it, and now within the Conservative Party. Many natural Conservatives here in South Thanet voted UKIP in the European Elections in May; it was an obvious opportunity to voice deep seated unease. It is my job to convince those voters that in me they have a true champion to address those concerns, within a government that will deliver. The simple political truth is, however well UKIP have raised the tempo of the national debate, that they cannot deliver a referendum.

About me

I am 47, married to Kati who works across Kent as a community pharmacist.
In politics, too often we find candidates that have never experienced the real world. I have been in practice as a Chartered Accountant in Kent for 25 years, and am also a tax specialist and was involved in my family’s food wholesale company. I know what it is to run a business and employ staff, and how those in business are affected by bureaucratic interference and an increasingly overbearing taxation system. I have served as a Councillor in Kent for over 7 years, in an area similar in its challenges, with mixed communities, as we have here in South Thanet. I have also been a Magistrate for 8 years. My experiences in being the Conservative candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner election in Kent gives me a unique insight into crime, law and policing issues. I bring a broad spectrum of varied experiences.
I am a traditional Conservative. I believe in small government, personal freedoms and that people who do the right thing and play by the rules should be thanked - and rewarded. It is our party that offers aspiration and opportunities. I believe in top class education based around the grammar school system. Furthermore, all levels of government, be it national, county or local, should provide value for money and be rooted in common sense.
High ideals perhaps, but it is why I want to be your MP for South Thanet.

Meetings and events

Public meetings

Cliftonville – Friday 8th August 2014, 7:00pm, at Northdown House, (Blue room), Northdown Park Road, Margate, Kent, CT9 3TP
Broadstairs – Thursday 21st August 2014, 7:00pm, at The Charles Dickens, 5-6 Victoria Parade, Broadstairs, Kent, CT10 1QS
Ramsgate – Thursday 4th September 2014, 7:00pm, at the Royal Temple Yacht Club, 6 Westcliff Mansions, Ramsgate, Kent, CT11 9HY
Sandwich & the Villages – Friday 12th September, 7:00pm, at the Guildhall, (Jury Room), Cattle Market, Sandwich, Kent, CT13 9AH

Please book in with the Association office on 01843 589266

Laura Sandys | T: 01843 589434 | E:
Promoted by James Barrow on behalf of Laura Sandys | House of Commons • London • SW1A 0AA
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Israel's have not helped heal divide

I have always thought Israel had a right to defend itself but looking at the recent reporting on the way they have just obliterated Gaza I have changed my mind. I am working from memory here so forgive me if figures are wrong I am in bed waiting for my wife to help me get up. I am disabled and need care 24/7. It occurred to me had I been in Gazza I would most likely be dead as I can't move out at a few minutes notice.
The figures are from memory and I doubt anyone knows them in all reality anyhow. 1900 killed on the Palestinian side, mostly civilian casualties just involved because they are stuck there. At most that is 1900 families now wanting answers as to why a loved one died and as is often the case why several loved ones died. The next concern of mine is where are the displaced and grieving families going to live. Israel has smashed these people into the ground but does nothing to help those innocent of involvement. They have nothing left and when you start from zero or less that means nothing.
To my mind this is self perpetuating if each death has four family members that is 7600 displaced. No wonder they fire rockets I think if I were in that situation I would want revenge as well.
I know mine is a simplistic view but one that affects us all. Palestinian supporters here in the UK will be wanting to do something to help I don't call that radicalism I call it a normal human response. I don't support violence but touch my family and see what violence is. I think if you look at it like that we are all capable and all culpable.

Monday, 26 May 2014

European break up?

After the results in the 2014 elections can Europe hold together? Are the results going to see the barricades going up around the borders? Is this the start of the break up of the union? Here at home is UKIP going to be the fourth political party or is this just a flash in the pan. With less than a year to go before next year's General election can the Ukip candidates win seats. I just heard on news night that a lady who agreed with UKIP say when asked would she considered voting for them next year her reply was no European and general are two completely different things.
All sorts of reasons can be concluded for voter Europe wide voting the way they have immigration, recession, lack of jobs. But how will this look in five years time will thing's improve and all this be forgotten or will this be the beginning of the end . Next year will show what the UK voters  really think. WHATCH THIS SPACE.

France Far Right National Front storms ahead

Nigel Farrage and his supporters will be smiling tonight an news of French Far Right activists are winning seats in France. The only people who should be worried are immigrants in France, I remember mobs attacking foreign nationals in Paris just because of the colour of their skin a few years back.  France has not been doing to well of late and last month their Prime Minister last month said he was forming a government for combat. I do hope that his words were not a warning on the future and that the battles are not against immigrants. Marine le Pen was already talking about her National Front party joining forces with UKIP Nigel will be amongst good company French National FRONT and Skip a marriage made in heaven or hell depending on which side of the political divide your on. Personally I think between them they can slow Brussels down to a snail's pace and cause problems enough in both France and England the next few years promise to be entertaining at the very least.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Houses for Building a future

The rate of house building in the UK leaves a lot to be desired. Since the early until the 1990's we had some degree of building homes that while it never exceeded needs it wasn't far short. The council's stopped building houses after the Thatcher led government removed  the financial incentives. I have seen figure suggesting during the early part of this century all the UK councils combined in one year only built 180 house's. That is extraordinary all councils throughout the UK couldn't build more homes because central government didn't offer any incentive. Labour and Conservative will blame each other but I myself blame the government of the Day. The person who is homeless doesn't care who is in power, he just knows he or she or in most cases it's families which means THEY only know they can't afford the exorbitant prices and look to the council's to help.
Have we as a nation lost our moral compass? Everyone deserves a roof over their head. I don't want to see us back in the 1970's with rent controls but there must be some common ground. To see house prices and rents keep rising as they do something must be done to keep them in check. One source of inflating the values is buy to let mortgages. The reason people are diving into buy to let is low rates of return on gas at the bank. I get one tenth of one percentage point on one account so I know how low returns are. I see daily on programs like BBC' s Homes under the hammer returns of ten per cent are the norm.Ten per cent and they get tax relief to do it, criminal? no but almost. The government cut off the council's incentive to build and create high rents with the other hand. Odd but true. Fact is often stranger than fiction and when it comes finances. How can this be changed? Tax? Interest rates?  The way I see it is thus raise rates on buy to rent mortgage' s tax is a possibility but deposits on buy to let, raise them to fifty per cent and downfalls portfolio rates get above fifty per cent capital. After all I can remember black Friday when interest rates soared and ruined many a dream.
Labour recognises there is a problem but wants to offer rent controls Conservative don't want to even recognise we need Lowe priced homes. They think the market will sort itself out. I say it won't, it needs some top down leadership, some stability and a lot more houses to reduce the temperature in the market place. It's not easy but get local authorities back building good quality affordable homes and it will cut some slack, add some changes to buy to let and that will reduce some of the heat out of the market. I doubt if any of these things will ever happen but it is food for though.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

UKIP GET THE LIMELIGHT others get the headaches

Yep its after the Lord Mayors Show the bunting is rolled up and the posters are put away, Ukip have had their day and and all that is left to do is calculate what it all means. The knive are out according to the papers for  Miliband Cameron and Clegg.But nothing the News Papers say can be taken as red and as for the BBC and the airtime they have given to UKIP if they were listed on the stock market I would say the board of the BBC were all share holders. I have said before I have no interest in these elections the proof of the pudding comes next year at the general election, at the moment Nigel Farrage is a party with no MP's. and never before in the history of political conflict have so many news paper inches and so much air time both TV and radio be devoted to a nonentity. All of this UKIP success has been achieved by smoke and mirrors. The European votes are still being counted and by the time the next time we get to vote about Europe it may well be to stay in or come out so those MEP's seats Farrage wins may be vacated before they have the chance to warm their derriere on them or even find the swill trough and get their snouts into the expences gravy trains of Brussells.
 I have no interest in this recent fiasco next year will be the real one and I just googled General Election 2015 and the search was awash with predictions and pundits the first one to come up was the Guardian and in the first two paragraphs Extrapolating the results bore heavy on the tone. NO ONE KNOWS and I for one refuse to be led down the path of predicting what once upon a time would have been seen as a protest vote, to me the real electin is next year and from here on in we will see what MCC that is Miliband Cameron and Clegg not Marylebone Cricket Club.
 It just struck me that the Matrix will have to be remade do you remember the question  Red pill and blue pill well we now may need a purple pill to be included in that question

Joined Optimizing AdSense got Insurance Adverts

I want to earn more from my AdSense account so I signed up with Optimizing AdSense and filled in some online tests, it seems I am in dire need of their help because I only got a few questions righ. Google want me and you to succeed because the more income we have the more they earn. Simples really. Google have all sorts of aides to make understanding their ads and how the system works but in my experience the best way is to get lots of visitors. I must be rubbish at blogging when I read that some people are earning thousands of pounds and all I make is a few quid off my  four blogs. My content must be boring? I do not blog to earn income which is just as well, my idea is just to use the few pounds a month to pay for more camera's or film. Developing 120 film gets to be expensive. My other blogs and are set up for AdSense and if I put in more time and post more stuff I in theory would earn more money. I dont think AdSense is about quantity it is about quality. If you get regular readers and a decent following the clicks will come. For me I am in the position of just letting things stay the same I am to old to worry about chasing the money, I do this for fun and the few pounds I do earn comes in handy. I did notice on the email I got from Google the adverts were from Insurance companie. Insurance is one of the big earners for google and for AdSense users like me so maybe me mentioning Insurance and Medical Insurance I will earn some big bucks this month. Find more about Optimizing AdSense

Friday, 23 May 2014

What next for UKIP?

Well the local elections are over, the ballot booths are packed away and now we await the big test for UKIP Europe. We can't hold our breathe until the results are declared next week so what do you think will happen? Personally I don't care, I am nearly sixty and the first time I remember politics must be about fifty years ago with Harold Wilson and in that time lots of things have changed but whilst people have become more aspirational the government of the Day have each failed in some way. And it is for this reason I don't care they are all doomed to be a failure and UKIP will not suddenly sweep to power and all in the garden will Rosie. There are two constants in life and an old chap I once worked with used to put it them constants are rent day and death, I think he has now met both but I know my rent is due and death will come, both are inescapable, I have heard others contradict his version and say taxes instead of rent day. But I prefers his version.
Rent day comes around like clockwork death is met like clock work tick tick tick, if I could be bothered I could calculate how many ticks and tocks have been eliminated since I first noticed politicos fifty years ago. But like the transcendence of UKIP I personally can't be bothered I will be thinking about rent day, hopefully it will be here sooner than the other constant. There will be those of you out there who will be elated buy the perceived success of UKIP or which ever political allegiance' s you support all I will say is today's headline's will become tomorrow's chip wrapping. You and I are not going to win, we just endure.

Friday, 9 May 2014

My Mercedes Benz memories

I remember my mates dad picking him up from school in an old Mercedes, it was dark blue and had running boards. I have no idea what model it was or anything about it other than it has stuck in my memory nearly fifty years. It may have been the three pointed star or equally it could have been the running boards that drew me in but ever since that first encounter I have liked Mercedes Benz motor cars. I always wanted to own one but never have done. I like estate cars and have owned several Volvos estates but the Mercedes was always the one that got away. I remember liking the 1980's huge 230 and actually bidding at an auction for one but was out bid.
My desire is undiminished but the fact of the matter is I gave up driving over ten years ago due to disability so my love for all of these wonderful beasts is now from afar. A friend owns a Mercedes specialist garage and I have seen some great cars in his showroom over the years and at one time I had a huge collection of photos of his cars but they were lost when a hard drive crashed. Better a hard drive crashing than a real car. Mercedes have made some wonderful automobiles, since I decided to write this article I have been searching the internet for information and I have seen pictures of cars I had no knowledge about before. I have always liked old cars but Mercedes are arguably the oldest manufacturer I have taken the follow passage from Wickipedia

The Benz Patent-Motorwagen (or motorcar), built in 1886, is widely regarded as the first automobile; that is, a vehicle designed to be propelled by a motor. The original cost of the vehicle in 1885 was $1,000.
The vehicle was awarded the German patent, number 37435, for which Karl Benz applied on January 29, 1886. Following official procedures, the date of the application became the patent date for the invention once the patent was granted, which occurred in November of that year.
Although Benz's wife, Bertha, financed the development process, and would hold patent rights under modern law, as a married woman she was not allowed to apply for the patent.[1]
Benz officially unveiled his invention to the public on July 3, 1886, on the Ringstrasse (Ringstra├če) in Mannheim, Germany.
About 25 Patent Motorwagens were built between 1886 and 1893.
I know many early car manufacturers experimented with electric powered vehicles but the Internal combustion engine won the day. It was to be around 100 years later that Mercedes were to experiment with electric power units. And as I am writing this the first electric cars are making the headlines in America AutoBlog are reviewing a B-Class Electric Drive and Mercedes are grabbing the green headlines as we all know petrol is not going to last forever.
Mercedes have come a long way since 1886 and are leaders in both car and commercial vehicle design and manufacture. Many car makers have  come and gone in that time but Mercedes has remained at the vanguard of motor design and manufacture and hopefully they will continue for another one hundred years.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Paxman gives up

Is it me or has Paxman stopped being interesting. I don't watch every night anymore but when I do I think what a stupid question. Don't get me wrong I think he is great but maybe his heart is not in it anymore and after 25 years who can blame him for wanting to give up? So well done  Jeremy Paxman. You have been great.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

UKIP Scaremongers

I had to smile when listening to the radio yesterday, I don't remember the names of the people being interviewed but the discussion was about UKIP's new poster campaign. The first UKIP chappie was saying all the cafes near him in South London were being run by people from Eastern Europe taking jobs for English people. What he didn't have an answer for was if these so called job stealers were able to come here and set up a cafe and make a go of it why was no Brit doing the same. The immigrants take a risk, work long hours for little reward but UKIP wont recognise they deserve a bit of praise. If a Brit had the guts to open a cafe he would be praised but because it was a European he was decried as taking our jobs. My problem with this is NO BRIT DID. I don't know the circumstances of this but all I keep seeing with people believing UKIPS hype is that the jobs being taken by johnny foreigner are not being taken by Brits because the Brits wont work they want it on a plate. We used to be called a nation of shop keepers but now we wont take the risk anymore. And when someone who is not British takes the risk UKIP jumps up and down and says they are stealing our jobs. Hmmm me thinks they be a bit biased and speak with forked toungues

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Internet searches for Hummus in Vegetarian search

I am a devout carnivore and giving up meat even the mere thought of it is something I find abhorrent. But I do know several people who are the complete polar opposite to me. I dont try and get them to eat meat and likewise they dont critisise my preference to do so. But the fact is I do like vegtables and I also like fish, in fact I would go as far to say I love fish. Getting back to the reason for this post is WHY? Why would Hummus top a google search for top searches? the others in this top search were Tofu Seitan Tempeh and Hummus. The reason it took my attention was yesterday I has seen a TV cook show making hummus and I wondered if it is that popular that I see it on TV and on Google maybe I should blog about it on here to see how much  attention it did attract. Here is a youtube clip on making your own Hummus

drink driving tell your Insurance Broker

I have been listening to the news about a driver being fined and three points on their driving licence for drinking a slush puppy drink whilst stuck in traffic on one of the hottest days of the year. The world has gone mad.I wonder if your car insurance goes up because technically your are drink driving and should inform your insurance broker.