Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Water costs on the news

Having just listened to the BBC news I had to write this blog post. The water companies are being questioned about the price of water. Well I am astounded that people moan at the cost of water that comes out of your tap but they will happily pay a pound for a small bottle from a shop but moan like like stink if the cost goes up a couple of pounds a year to supply gallons of fresh water and dispose of the stuff we flush away. I just did a google search for bottled water and Staples sell fifteen litres for £8:00 which would be approx three flushes of the toilet. If you had to pay almost £3:00 each time you visited the little boys room then you would have something to moan about

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  1. it's a sad fact that most of the water, which the comapnies spend lots of time and money making drinkable, is then used to flush a toilet, wash clothes in washing machines or clean our dishes in a dish washer. Plus the water many of us do drink is boiled anyway. Maybe we should be like abroad, less hygienic water in taps and use it for those purposes above.Bottled water to drink that then seems to be about 20p a litre. There then seems to be enough for every shop owner to hose down his shop pavement and water the many trees in parks in the middle of summer without a water shortage !