Monday, 11 November 2013

been awake all night

It's now 6:18 am. And I have been awake most of the night and am just wrighting out of bordom rather than to say anything. Yesterday was remembrance day and I cried quite a lot, it's the MS it has messed with my hormones and I have become a weeping wreck I cry at soppy films and stuff, I used to be a hard hearted sod but now am a blubbering shell of my former self. I can't say I miss the old me but not having had any sleep I expect to cry before long. The world will keep on spinning even if I am unable to function , talking about spinning have you seen Richard Hammond on BBC showing us how the planet's were made ? I know it is very simplistic but it needs to be for me Multiple sclerosis has robbed me of my intelligence (that's my theory and I am sticking to it) for a species mankind is virtually brand new but we are so sophisticated but so stupid at the same time. You would have thought that we could get along together by now but no we sill are intent on killing each other.It's not just countries but individuals to. The fact we can get killed by the forces of nature is not enough we go round shooting and strangling with surprisingly regularity. I have written in the past about the gun laws in America and still they defend the right to be able to allow the nutters to buy guns and go out and reduce the population by significant numbers. But it is a form of population control.
Still I was watching an American comedian the other night and he made me laugh about the low number of Americans who have a passport. He explained how this was a good thing as it keeps the loonies all in one place, a sort of protection scheme we should all be grateful for. I was amaze at it and grateful all in one. As I said I have not slept so maybe is not a good time to question me on world affairs.maybe I will just sign off and go and play freecell for a while before my wife wakes up and can get me up Being disabled with MS me a soppy old fool but I still know how to be judgemental.

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