Saturday, 2 February 2013

USA Gun laws debate

I don’t pretend to understand the American fascination with guns. I grew up on a farm and around guns and have held a shotgun licence, I gave up my licence after not having had a gun for a few years but still had to have a police check to ensure IF I DID GET A GUN that I would have a safe and secure storage facility or it the moment I bought into my home.. I had no great intention to  get another gun so rather than waste police time checking I had an empty gun cabinet I surrendered my right to have a gun.
The reason for this unusual post is that in a week having seen former congresswoman Gabby Giffords, a victim of gun violence, tell a US senate committee it must act to stop children dying I whilst browsing an American auction site I came across and auction for over 200 lots of guns and ammo. And these lots were in a general sale were anyone could stock up a hundreds of rounds of 30cal boatail bullets
Or a couple of hundred  Sierra 270 cal. Spitzer Bullets Remington and Colt Hand guns, loads of shot guns rifles and accessories . I  can understand the Gun Lobby and the National Rifle Association (who have signed up 250000 in four weeks since the Sandy Hook school massacre ) being against any legislation that maybe in the pipeline. They stand to loose money if the have the current free market restricted, what I cannot get my head around is the rest of the Nation. Why are they not shouting back to protect their kids from being slaughtered by idiots with warped ideals taking it upon themselves to become executioner.
I know this is a complex subject in a world far far away from where I am taping away at my keypad. A world I don’t pretend to nor want to understand, America may be the land of the free but from where I am sitting I aint about to swop places.  

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