Monday, 11 November 2013

been awake all night

It's now 6:18 am. And I have been awake most of the night and am just wrighting out of bordom rather than to say anything. Yesterday was remembrance day and I cried quite a lot, it's the MS it has messed with my hormones and I have become a weeping wreck I cry at soppy films and stuff, I used to be a hard hearted sod but now am a blubbering shell of my former self. I can't say I miss the old me but not having had any sleep I expect to cry before long. The world will keep on spinning even if I am unable to function , talking about spinning have you seen Richard Hammond on BBC showing us how the planet's were made ? I know it is very simplistic but it needs to be for me Multiple sclerosis has robbed me of my intelligence (that's my theory and I am sticking to it) for a species mankind is virtually brand new but we are so sophisticated but so stupid at the same time. You would have thought that we could get along together by now but no we sill are intent on killing each other.It's not just countries but individuals to. The fact we can get killed by the forces of nature is not enough we go round shooting and strangling with surprisingly regularity. I have written in the past about the gun laws in America and still they defend the right to be able to allow the nutters to buy guns and go out and reduce the population by significant numbers. But it is a form of population control.
Still I was watching an American comedian the other night and he made me laugh about the low number of Americans who have a passport. He explained how this was a good thing as it keeps the loonies all in one place, a sort of protection scheme we should all be grateful for. I was amaze at it and grateful all in one. As I said I have not slept so maybe is not a good time to question me on world affairs.maybe I will just sign off and go and play freecell for a while before my wife wakes up and can get me up Being disabled with MS me a soppy old fool but I still know how to be judgemental.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Water costs on the news

Having just listened to the BBC news I had to write this blog post. The water companies are being questioned about the price of water. Well I am astounded that people moan at the cost of water that comes out of your tap but they will happily pay a pound for a small bottle from a shop but moan like like stink if the cost goes up a couple of pounds a year to supply gallons of fresh water and dispose of the stuff we flush away. I just did a google search for bottled water and Staples sell fifteen litres for £8:00 which would be approx three flushes of the toilet. If you had to pay almost £3:00 each time you visited the little boys room then you would have something to moan about

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Bedroom Tax saves 400 million

 I started this post months ago but never posted it I will leave it as I found it and just add that I would have stated it is never going to save money and is just about Tory idealism.
I was watching TV the other night Question Time or News Night I think and one of the Tory grandee's was defending the God awful idea of the bedroom tax. He recons it will save 400 million quid. His counterpart (I cant remember who either were hash tag instantlyforgettableMP'S) doubted his figures and so do I. We have some 468 local councils and that means each one saving one million a year. Brake that down and some councils like those in the wilds of Cumbria or on the Orkney Isles wont have  enough eligible housing stock to raise much cash. But the worrying figures come when we break it down to The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) Figures

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

pot holes in the roads

Come on KCC get a grip on things and do some road repairs.he roads are in a state and will only get worse now the winter is coming. We pay a fortune to use the roads get the darn things sorted.

Charge imigrants and health tourists

I saw a doctor on the news saying it's not his job to check if people qualify for NHS services. They do in other countries!! Try getting treated in Spain or Greece the ambulance wont pick you up if you cant pay. If the doctor is worried about checking try going into private practice he would check everything then. Because he is not paying he just gives the services away Shame on him. My Sister in Law had to be hospitalised in Greece a few years back and they wouldn't do anything until they had authorisation from her insurers. I myself was taken ill inn Canada years ago and had to pay to see a doctor. I would say it is easier to check than the doctor was wrong it is easy to check and he just doesn't want to save his paymasters any money.

Bedroom tax

I just want to say the bedroom tax is not making any sense. I saw on last night news a chap who is on kidney dialysis and keeps all equipment to do daily sessions at home was being charged for the room required to store it. The 20 pound per week charge was being levied despite  the authorities being informed. Crazy he has an alternative from doing the dialysis which is going into hospital taking up a bed and nursing time at huge costs to the NHS. yep crazy crazy tax

Saturday, 2 February 2013

USA Gun laws debate

I don’t pretend to understand the American fascination with guns. I grew up on a farm and around guns and have held a shotgun licence, I gave up my licence after not having had a gun for a few years but still had to have a police check to ensure IF I DID GET A GUN that I would have a safe and secure storage facility or it the moment I bought into my home.. I had no great intention to  get another gun so rather than waste police time checking I had an empty gun cabinet I surrendered my right to have a gun.
The reason for this unusual post is that in a week having seen former congresswoman Gabby Giffords, a victim of gun violence, tell a US senate committee it must act to stop children dying I whilst browsing an American auction site I came across and auction for over 200 lots of guns and ammo. And these lots were in a general sale were anyone could stock up a hundreds of rounds of 30cal boatail bullets
Or a couple of hundred  Sierra 270 cal. Spitzer Bullets Remington and Colt Hand guns, loads of shot guns rifles and accessories . I  can understand the Gun Lobby and the National Rifle Association (who have signed up 250000 in four weeks since the Sandy Hook school massacre ) being against any legislation that maybe in the pipeline. They stand to loose money if the have the current free market restricted, what I cannot get my head around is the rest of the Nation. Why are they not shouting back to protect their kids from being slaughtered by idiots with warped ideals taking it upon themselves to become executioner.
I know this is a complex subject in a world far far away from where I am taping away at my keypad. A world I don’t pretend to nor want to understand, America may be the land of the free but from where I am sitting I aint about to swop places.  

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Green shoots of recovery?

Green shoots?

Today 28th January the FTSE tipped 6300 for a while before falling back to finish to 6,294.41 at the close. I know one days trade and only for a short spell cannot be seen as a trend but we are talking the first time since before leemans crash and before May 2008. Which is a tadd short of five years even in terms of bonds and yields this term is not insignificant, children who were not even born before the stock market crash are now at school, time and lives have moved on. Six months ago the papers were reporting record employment figures and continue to do so even with the likes of Comet and Jessops going to the wall.
Does this mean  we are coming out of the mess we have been in? I don’t think so if you think we are all over the crash then think again, but to coin the words of Bob Dylan the times they are a changing. He penned those words near on fifty years ago

Don't speak too soon For the wheel's still in spin And there's no tellin' who That it's namin'
For the loser now Will be later to win For the times they, they are a-changin'
 Those lines are true; the banks gambled and that wheel is still spinning Greece Spain Italy all uncertain of what the croupier will stop the wheel on whether winners or losers of the end of the crash the last throes of a dying past. The parents of those kids that are just starting school, the ones I mentioned earlier they know the times are
 a-changin. They are the ones on short term contracts with no company pension and no prospect of getting a mortgage. Nearly all my working life I worked for myself so have little experience of stability in the workplace. I cannot understand those who expect to retire on a gold plated pension moaning saying they deserve it after giving so much to some often public sector scheme if they are so hard done by they could always have been less of a drain on society and got a real job!