Friday, 14 December 2012

Drugs and the Government

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You would think the right hand would know what the left hand is doing wouldn't you. No we are talking about Clegg and Cameron here and they cant agree on Leveson, Gay Marraige and now it seems what route to take over drugs. Cameron says no change and Clegg wants a review. Well I cant stand either of the C's but I must say the Clegg 'C' is on the button, we do need to review the laws. Cameron recons call a specialist. A weeks ago there was a cross party meeting and they said reviews were needed. Ask any doctor and they will say change is needed the constant revolving door  system of court prison release is not working, change is needed. But what change? Heroin addicts are different from cannabis users, dealers and growers are different again and smugglers? We all know someone who knows someone who is affected by drugs but is it cannabis coke or speed that is their prefered high. Should you get sent down for smoking a joint or shooting up and what is worse?  Recently I read Keith Richards book and he recons the quality of a lot of these illegals changes the end results for the users but how  can they do quality control on something that is sold in a back alley.
  Then there are the legal highs well I just typed it into google and the first headline read BBC News - 'Legal highs': Rapid rise in deaths reported Maybe they are not so good either? The world has changed we now have a Coalition government run by two C's why cant they start start governing rather than clearing up after another train crash disaster

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