Saturday, 24 November 2012

EU no deal means UK Could end up paying more

Makes me laugh Cameron comes home after posturing for the benefit of the MP's back home and never got a budget deal. He did evidently manage to attend meals where the wine would cost you or me £120 a bottle so maybe the EU catering budget is still ok to be milked. Cameron was on about austerity but in the bubbles of the EU and Westminster life maybe that is cutting back. I watched Newsnight the other night and a very knowledgeable young lady says that if the summit fails to reach a deal the end product will be an increase by a measure of the default point that is in place.

So for all the bluster and raised voices we will end up with an increase if everyone just stays in their current positions. The French President Francois Hollande has had his nose put out of joint because the French for all their own Posturing need to maintain the Common Agricultural Policy rebates and the gravy train from Brussels to show he is a in charge of things over there. David Cameron accused Brussels of "living in a parallel universe" and to some existent the summit has bought thhe UK and German have been drawn closer together. Angela Merkel is reported to have been impressed with Cam’s EU performance and in Italy it is now reported we have a Camkel or Merkoron allegiance. All I know is that sod all has changed and if it stays as it is we will end up paying more money and everyone can say they won their round.

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