Wednesday, 29 August 2012

President Francois Hollande trys to boost youth unemployment

PARIS (Reuters) - France's Socialist government is fast-tracking the launch a scheme to create 150,000 state-sponsored jobs for youths, moving to tackle rampant unemployment and overturn a slide in President Francois Hollande's approval ratings. Maybe now the chap who is in charge of this country cant remember his name? this happened the other day as well I woke up in the morning and couldnt remember his name. Ah just remembered that chap Cameron mybe he will now have a template to which he can generate some jobs for the youth of the UK.
 That chap Cameron has made a pigs ear so far so I doubt he will change anything anytime soon. READ MORE HERE

Monday, 20 August 2012

Friday, 17 August 2012

What was Pussy Riot's crime? Being in Russia or a Church

I never heard of Pussy riot before the six o'clock news its now 6:10 so I am pretty fired up. Who are they I don't really know other than they are three young women. What have they done? Well foolishly they thought they could criticise Putins corrupt Russian elite publicly and on film. The thing that offended people as if the corrupt friends of Putin don't count enough is the filmed the song in a Cathedral. Forget the fact the Government is corrupt and oppressive even the most ardent critic of the political elite and its cronies if you call on the Virgin Mary in the way they did they alienated any of those who do dare to criticise the Corruption in the Government. It sounds a bit like the advice parents give to wayward children before a grown up dinner party DO NOT TALK ABOUT POLITICS OR RELIGION. I can report that Pussy Riot chose to ignore that advice, Putins corrupt administration chose to send the three to jail for two yeards hard labour, now that is what I call a joke

Friday, 3 August 2012

Shafilea Ahmed Murdered

As a Father of two daughters I know hard it is to be a parent but never in my worst nightmare when bringing up teenage girls did I consider my honour to be worth more than their lives. I cant begin to understand how someone who lives in and raises their children in the UK can still be influenced by tribal ties and honours so strongly that they would murder the child they had brought into the world.The more I read about the case the more I realise I don't understand the so called honour  in killing your own daughter. I sincerely hope those who failed to protect Shafilea are looking hard at themselves and others who are in positions of trust in communities up and down the country spot the signs of family abuse and act to protect the lives of our vulnerable children