Thursday, 26 July 2012

FGM is child abuse

Tell me why the government (little g intended they need to act on this before the obtain a capital) cant prosecute parents who still violate this abuse upon young girls. If a child had its ears cut off by a parent, that parent would be in court faster than a proverbial bullet. But take a knife to a young girl and Mutilate her and then everybody closes ranks and say it is a cultural thing. Sacrificing virgins and abandoning girls on rubbish tips were cultural things in Rome but neither are done today so why do we not stop this illegal but historic practice? Because the govenment is scared? because they are deaf? because they are burying their heads in the sand? I have no idea why but all the time it is not made a prioity I will ask? Read more here at the Orchid Project

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  1. I suspect it's not a priority because when diversity was walked into the unelected Establishment we saw people who approve of these practices work their way up through the NHS and local government.