Sunday, 24 June 2012

Jimmy Carr

I have said in the past HMRC is not fit for purpose and the Jimmy Carr fiasco is proof of the point. If Jimmy Carr was in the wrong  then he would be in court, but is he? NO is the very loud answer. I think if these schemes are wrong the HMRC should shut them down but do they? I saw on TV this morning that this and similar scheme could be costing a minimum of £25 billion a year. Once again big business and Vodaphone springs immediately to mind get off scott free and anyone on PAYE keeps the country afloat

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Argentine postuering

I see David Cameron is taking no notice of the Argentines at the summit in Mexico, I think it is more to do with the Argentine politics than a real wish for the Falklands. It is nice to see David Cameron taking the opportunity to sort out some sort of trade deals whilst in Mexico. We need to widen the trade net as the euro zone still remains and will for the foreseeable future WEAK click here for evening standard article

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Euro 2012 deflects premier league moves

Football is over the top the wages are outrageous the deals are so vast yet it keeps on going. I think it is a primeval thing and the scenes we have witnessed in the euro's are proof that it makes people behave as pack animals. Racism aside the reason these neanderthals behave this way is they are swept up in  the pack, it is easier to follow than to lead. So back to the Premier league all sorts are going on. Two weeks ago I  said to my wife Paul Lambert will never Leave Norwich so dont go by anything I say. But to leave and  go to Villa is beyond me. Who is going to go to Swansea? What about Chelsea? the home of football is heres in England but for a few days europe will have its moment of fame.

Forced Marraige is illegal

I have just been watching the BBC Sunday Morning Live and a debate on forced marriages in young women from  Pakistani and Bangladeshi backgrounds. The figures are horrendous as many as 8,000 girls a year are forced to marry as part of a in some ethnic minorities. I heard tale of young girls as young as 13 being married abroad and arriving back in the UK pregnant after being raped by their husband. The panel were against the legislation saying it would drive the practise underground, I say it is already underground and we aren't stopping it so now it may make it easier for teachers and health workers to flag it up without fear of being branded racist. There are many  “cultural practice's”that need to be stamped out. If people want to live in the UK they must abide by our laws and face the consequences of criminal actions. What I would say is the Government should be praised for facing this issue but the amount of money they have set aside for it is woefully inadequate. Money is tight and many centres for women have been scaled back countywide and now by passing this law their workload will be increased. I think we need some joined up thinking by the authorities. Many refuges for battered women are being closed or at best funding cut back. Click here to read an article by Patrick Stewart it hi-lites the cuts and how desperate they are for charities like REFUGE which helps women and children facing problems with domestic violence and abuse.

Forced Marriage is the topic of this post and I have strayed from its focus. Many young girls will be facing this problem as we enter the period of school summer holidays. This is a favourite time for many families to go back to their homeland and for these crimes to be undertaken. I say we need more education for Teachers and community workers to enable them to see these problems that blight  Young girls. We need more resources in schools for children to feel able to discuss problems what ever they are. One website dealing with these issues is Forced

Here is a clip from their website listing helpful organisations If you need help or just want some advice, then there are a number of organisations which can provide you with the assistance that you need. Please browse through the list to the left to find the most appropriate organisation for you.EMERGENCY NUMBERS:In case of an emergency, please use one of the following numbers:Police: 999Forced Marriage Unit: 020 7008 0151