Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Manchester City's Mario Balotelli will walk off if victim of racism

Whatever your opinion of Balotelli I for one believe him when he says he will walk off if he is the victim of Racism at the euro 2012. Good for him  there is no place in football for the racism witnessed  on TV in the last few days. After Sol Campbell's calls for fans to stay away I see the organising authorities are saying all is safe. I expect the statement "dreamed up and mythical problem" on the racism issue all the Fans will be so relieved after all  the BBC films of Asians being attacked were pure fiction and the cuts and bruises they received were scotch mist. I blame the football authorities for not checking out the situation because it is no secret Neo Nazi gangs have been on the radar for years but some people wish to hide them and promote trade over lives.

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