Friday, 25 May 2012

Kick that can a bit further down the road

A few weeks ago a news reader was talking about Greece and said all that was happeneing was the powers to be were kicking the can down the road hoping it would go away.Now after what seems an eternity I think they have discovered it aint going to disappear and some one has to pick the can up and see what is left inside. For sure the Chinese produce more in a few days than Greece does in a lifetime, Poland is more powerful and Sweden is sweeter. But compare all you like the problems still remain Billions of   €'s. If Greece bails out then you can kiss your sweet ass goodbye to any of the banks who have bonds getting anything back. Plus what about the rest of the euro nations finding it hard Spain Portugal and Italy would all love to wipe out their debts. Well the time has comme for someone to pick up that can sit it upright an the wall and see which side of the  fence the Greeks decide on.

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