Thursday, 31 May 2012

Doctors pensions need healing

I an mad at the greedy doctors who are already paid a fortune thinking they deserve the ridiculous pensions they are set to receive. I  saw a locum at our surgery recently and he was boasting he was earning two grand a week. As for the pension issue they are set to have a pension of around sixty grand. Try explaining that to a person working at tesco or empting the bins for minimum wage. Plus they are down to get a cash lump sum of around a hundred thousand. To coin a popular phrase they are having a giraffe. Do they think going on strike is going to make themm more popular?
The papers are already ripping them to peices I had to smile at this in the Indi Doctor, doctor: why is my GP going on strike?" asks the Independent's front page. The answer, it says: "because a £53,000-a-year pension isn't enough."

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