Thursday, 31 May 2012

Doctors pensions need healing

I an mad at the greedy doctors who are already paid a fortune thinking they deserve the ridiculous pensions they are set to receive. I  saw a locum at our surgery recently and he was boasting he was earning two grand a week. As for the pension issue they are set to have a pension of around sixty grand. Try explaining that to a person working at tesco or empting the bins for minimum wage. Plus they are down to get a cash lump sum of around a hundred thousand. To coin a popular phrase they are having a giraffe. Do they think going on strike is going to make themm more popular?
The papers are already ripping them to peices I had to smile at this in the Indi Doctor, doctor: why is my GP going on strike?" asks the Independent's front page. The answer, it says: "because a £53,000-a-year pension isn't enough."

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Brendan Rodgers gets three years at Liverpool

King Kenny has gone Long live the King. But Brendan Rodgers looks like it is a three year sentence at Liverpool.. Will he sign? Tomorrow will tell.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Manchester City's Mario Balotelli will walk off if victim of racism

Whatever your opinion of Balotelli I for one believe him when he says he will walk off if he is the victim of Racism at the euro 2012. Good for him  there is no place in football for the racism witnessed  on TV in the last few days. After Sol Campbell's calls for fans to stay away I see the organising authorities are saying all is safe. I expect the statement "dreamed up and mythical problem" on the racism issue all the Fans will be so relieved after all  the BBC films of Asians being attacked were pure fiction and the cuts and bruises they received were scotch mist. I blame the football authorities for not checking out the situation because it is no secret Neo Nazi gangs have been on the radar for years but some people wish to hide them and promote trade over lives.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Millionaire Blair Before Leveson

For all his Millions and all the houses he owns Tony Blair still has to give his side of the story to Lord Leveson. Come Monday the costliest show in town meets the New Labour Millionaire ex leader of the Power to the people party. Can you credit it him a true RED worth Millions kissing and telling all over his time in office and his  close relations with Uncle Rupert.

Kick that can a bit further down the road

A few weeks ago a news reader was talking about Greece and said all that was happeneing was the powers to be were kicking the can down the road hoping it would go away.Now after what seems an eternity I think they have discovered it aint going to disappear and some one has to pick the can up and see what is left inside. For sure the Chinese produce more in a few days than Greece does in a lifetime, Poland is more powerful and Sweden is sweeter. But compare all you like the problems still remain Billions of   €'s. If Greece bails out then you can kiss your sweet ass goodbye to any of the banks who have bonds getting anything back. Plus what about the rest of the euro nations finding it hard Spain Portugal and Italy would all love to wipe out their debts. Well the time has comme for someone to pick up that can sit it upright an the wall and see which side of the  fence the Greeks decide on.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Will we Wont we , just get on with it Greece so we can sort out what remains

Greece has been faffing around for long enough, we are all in limbo waiting for them to sort themselves out. I dont care what the do but they must get in and do something. I am sure this has been going on for years but if I remember right last October we needed a yes to the deal put forward, now months later we are still in the same position. Nothing will improve untill someone has the gut to say enough is enough and kick them into the rough. Europe can then sort out the rest of the mess it has created.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Leveson Inquiry Cost

Can you imagine the cost of the Leveson Inquiry. I dont know how much a QC charges per hour but I recon a Barristter is about 600 quid an hour and there are about ten of them. Add the other secretarys and stuff plus Leveson himself I wouldnt mind betting it shapes up to a fair few bob and I doubt that Murdock will be paying so it will be you and me picking up the tab.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Queens speech Lords reform but no Gay marraiges yet

I had to smile Lords reform was less a sticky wicket than Gay Marriage so it got a mention in the Queens speech. Clegg has no idea of what a can of worms he has opened. Neither house really want reform even though it is long overdue. The commons on both sides will have their opponents and in the Lords itself it will be like turkeys voting for Christmas. I know it is needed but I dont think either Clegg or Cameron have the Cajones to pull off the root and branch reform that is needed. Still it will make some jobs for the boys, can you image the amount of  paper that will be used getting this one through.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

David Cameron and Nick Clegg to 'relaunch coalition' reports BBC

I see on the BBC news that the Cameron Clegg cosy up is to be relaunched. I wonder how that will look are they going to go round holding hands? I said yesterday we need to see growth ahead of crazy policies and after yesterdays  French election results even Angela Merkel has softened her stance. So what is going on? The Greeks definitely don't want to play the austerity game anymore. I thought we were about to see a France Germany bust up but first signs are for a love in. Watch this space could this be the end of our 1930's style austerity measures or the begging of stock market crash as investors head for the hills? I don't know but I do know the Euro has fallen today.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Francois Hollande Saint or Sinner?

Francois Hollande has got the ear of the French people Sarco has just enough time to clear his desk before he becomes consigned to history and we have to come to terms with Frances new saviour. All economic analysts think we need a time of austerity but the new boy seems to know better. Well I can see storm clouds on the horizon for Hollande and I can see them in the shape of Germany’s Angela Merkel,. We will have a few days of calm whilst Sarco slips into obscurity and then uproar as Hollande try's to flex his muscles. I for one am looking forward to some Fireworks over France.

Tony Blair properties valued at 14 Million

I kept meaning to search the Tony Blair property values. I knew he had been building up a small empire of expensive house but 14 million quid seems a far way from his Labour roots.Enough said other than to mention snouts and trough.Click here

Nicolas Sarkozy looses

Why Nicolas Sarkozy was an extraordinary president

The Guardian -
On Sunday, France put an end to Nicolas Sarkozy's presidency. Five years after electing him enthusiastically, the French decided they would rather have an "ordinary" president than an "extraordinary" one.

Julian Brazier calls to abandon wet policies

I saw Julian Brazier in the BBC Kent news yesterday calling for the Tories to abandon the Wet Liberal policies and get on with more pressing issues. He unlike most of the coalition remembers we are in recession and need growth more than we need Lords reform or Gay Marriage laws. I thought he spoke well and some of his colleague's would do well to remember the Liberals are in the minority