Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Double Dip Recession

If you wicki Double Dip it tells you about a Socially taboo subject of taking a bite of ones crisp and then dipping it for a second time into the dip. Whilst this may be socially reprehensible what I find as disgusting is we have a government hell bent on reforms and as I understand it we are less than one third through yet and they are doing zilch to enliven the economy. I mentioned yesterday the billions due to go to the Euro support fund, where it will sit doing sod all when it would be better placed here in the UK rebuilding the mess we are now in. I am at a loss what to say which is an unusual situation. We have Kids leaving school ill equipped for what the world is going to throw at them and this lot of clowns in charge unable to stop UK. PLC going broke. This psychologically will make every business in the country tighten its belt. Gloom breeds gloom and I always try and see the glass as half full but todays figures make even me think my glass is nearly empty.

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