Friday, 14 December 2012

Drugs and the Government

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You would think the right hand would know what the left hand is doing wouldn't you. No we are talking about Clegg and Cameron here and they cant agree on Leveson, Gay Marraige and now it seems what route to take over drugs. Cameron says no change and Clegg wants a review. Well I cant stand either of the C's but I must say the Clegg 'C' is on the button, we do need to review the laws. Cameron recons call a specialist. A weeks ago there was a cross party meeting and they said reviews were needed. Ask any doctor and they will say change is needed the constant revolving door  system of court prison release is not working, change is needed. But what change? Heroin addicts are different from cannabis users, dealers and growers are different again and smugglers? We all know someone who knows someone who is affected by drugs but is it cannabis coke or speed that is their prefered high. Should you get sent down for smoking a joint or shooting up and what is worse?  Recently I read Keith Richards book and he recons the quality of a lot of these illegals changes the end results for the users but how  can they do quality control on something that is sold in a back alley.
  Then there are the legal highs well I just typed it into google and the first headline read BBC News - 'Legal highs': Rapid rise in deaths reported Maybe they are not so good either? The world has changed we now have a Coalition government run by two C's why cant they start start governing rather than clearing up after another train crash disaster

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Now Labour Unhappy at spending spree

I have just watched the news and all I got was that Chancellor chappy saying stuff like £5 billion on schools and other projects, and then on came Rachel Reeves for the Labour Party. Talk about a downer she couldn't even look the camera in the eye. (do camera's have eyes) She was dour faced and miserable. I would advise the Labour party to stop putting on a miserable face on for the tellie.

Maybe this could help them before they go on tv.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Leveson inquiry waste of money

I said ages ago the only people who would win out of this is the Barristers and QC's getter paid thousands a day to record and justify Leveson's plans. The thing is do we want a free press? I have to say I think we do. Those who break the law should be prosecuted but do 3we want to be able to call a spade a spade YES we do we wantt fredom of the press and freedom of the voters otherwise we become like Syria Russia China etc etc. I hope not. EVER

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

First time buyers boost

Wow for the first time in over three years some good news of the housing market. I know it is only London figures but its good news that ten thousand morgages were granted in London. 10:000 first-time buyers took out mortgages on properties in London from July to September. Figures for the UK as a whole were up showing despite higher deposits and lower average loan-to-values (LTVs) people are rebelling against high rents and once again entering the housing market.

Greece Bailout latest edition

I like the term kicked into the long grass, and the European finance ministers obviously favour it as well. Greece has just been granted another bail out package, I think this will be the third edition to a problem they keep covering over with sticky plasters. I prefer to think they rather than solving the problem they kick it a bit further down the road into the long grass. 34.4 billion-euro is the latest figure the powers to be have come up with along with 250 billion-euro loan pledges maybe we will actually see Greece will now begin to get back on its feet. The bigger problem on the horizon for Euro zone countries I might suggest is Spain Italy and a new kid on the block in financial need is Cyprus. I must say until this morning I never knew Cyprus was in financial problems but reading up on the Greek Bailout I found that Cyprus needs around €17 billion so I expect the bods in Euroland to be burning the midnight oil to sort out more loans and keep the German voters happy.With the elections due in 2013 Angela Merkel must be hoping for an end to the Euro problems as it is in no way clear she will be re-elected.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

EU no deal means UK Could end up paying more

Makes me laugh Cameron comes home after posturing for the benefit of the MP's back home and never got a budget deal. He did evidently manage to attend meals where the wine would cost you or me £120 a bottle so maybe the EU catering budget is still ok to be milked. Cameron was on about austerity but in the bubbles of the EU and Westminster life maybe that is cutting back. I watched Newsnight the other night and a very knowledgeable young lady says that if the summit fails to reach a deal the end product will be an increase by a measure of the default point that is in place.

So for all the bluster and raised voices we will end up with an increase if everyone just stays in their current positions. The French President Francois Hollande has had his nose put out of joint because the French for all their own Posturing need to maintain the Common Agricultural Policy rebates and the gravy train from Brussels to show he is a in charge of things over there. David Cameron accused Brussels of "living in a parallel universe" and to some existent the summit has bought thhe UK and German have been drawn closer together. Angela Merkel is reported to have been impressed with Cam’s EU performance and in Italy it is now reported we have a Camkel or Merkoron allegiance. All I know is that sod all has changed and if it stays as it is we will end up paying more money and everyone can say they won their round.

Rotherham Council couple have children removed WHY?

I have just heard a stupid thing onn the news. Rotherham council have removed two children from a foster family beccause they are members of UKIP. The couple have been foster parents for several years but due to their political the current children inn their care have been removed . Bonkers or what? I hope this can be sorted soon because if that is the only reason Rotherham council are due for UKIP and the couple sueing them and deservedly so. READ MORE HERE

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Church of England Disapointment

I must say I as a member of the church feel very let down by the laity. The vast majority want women to be able to be Bishops and the vote went against them settling for the Status quo . I feel like calling for a boycott,  or not payment of quota or the like but no one will listen to me so I shall shut up and put up but will not remain quiet. I am disgusted.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

police and crime commissioners I will not vote today

Today Kent residents get to vote for the new £85.000 a year police and crime commissioner. I will not be voting as I think it is a waste of time and money making a job that in my mind undermines the police rather than improving anything. I have spoken to several friends who like me wont be voting. The £85:000 wont stop there  and I estimate the costs with offices and staff it will soon shape up to half a million multiply that by the number of commissioners and you could soon fund a private police force. I like many many others will not be voting for a waste of money.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Trial by twitter

I  agree with that chap Cameron we cannot allow trial by twitter. We have seen vigilante groups burn a pediatrician targeted thinking that child molesters have a job title. So no knee jerk reactions I am sure these people think they are doing a public service but if they cant tell the difference between a pediatrician and pediophobia or pediophile should they be on the internet without supervision?

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Obama wins USA election

Yippee I am pleased for him I couldn't bear the thought of Romney getting in and am delighted with an Obama win. Well done Barack. Congratulations ON A WIN YOU DESERVE.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

floccinaucinihilipilification TORY TALK

I intended to write a post denouncing Jacob Rees Mog as a fool and a half wit of the aristocracy but when I delved into his past I changed my mind. Anyone who can filibuster and incorporate  the word floccinaucinihilipilification into a commons debate deserves the benefit of the doubt. He is still a twit but not a daft twit. He was right when he said no matter what he spoke about he was OK up until the moment he opened his mouth. It was his manner and his voice that put me off of him, I still dislike his demeanour but then I doubt we would ever become bosom buddies and I very much doubt he would like me so all things are equal.  

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Cameron used to be indecisive but now he is not so sure

I know it is an old joke but on recent form with Camerons dithering on the Mitchell plebgate affair and his foot in mouth energy on the hoof comments I feel it just fits. For a bunch of silver spoon in mouth Tories Camerons lot is not far distant from Blairs silver spoon in mouth Socialists in the Labour camp. If anything Blairs property portfolio is positively bulging by comparison to any of the current Tory toffs on the front benches.. I have always been a Tory voter but I must say the recent lack of leadership has made me question my ability to vote for Cameron again, if that means my local MP. looses his seat so be it, I just feel Cameron has lost my respect and I can no longer support him.
Photo via web publishedd by the guardian

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

HMRC unfit for purpose

I have maintained for ages the the UK's HMRC is unfit for purpose. I watched with amusement that the coffee shop chain Starbucks has only paid minimal tax in the UK. read details here How can the Revenue allow big business to get away with it. On last nights news night a Government spokesman for tax reform said he has a staff of six against the UK's tax accountants. MADNESS

Monday, 1 October 2012

Housing Shortage

I see the despicable Mr Balls is jumping on the housing shortage as the latest sound-bite political crisis. I as well as most of the population know we have a hosing shortage. He along with the rest of his Labour Party chums did nowt about it when in government but now he chooses to shout about it. I see from an article on the BBC news the Tories Grant Shapps claims to be invested 20 Billion over this parliament and in the report I read he questioned what else can they do? Well Mr Shapps maybe why you are no longer housing minister. That task has fallen to Mark Prisk and I expect we will see the figures massaged to look like there is new money but Mr Prisk has already shown he can make spending a tenner look like he has spent a grand. Both Parties manipulate the finances to make them better than the opposition but we have seen neither Labour nor Tory have got the answer.
    So what can we do? I have a few ideas but I doubt anyone will ask me. Rents are to expensive and in being so they artificially inflating the house prices. The UK house prices are being kept high due to the rents available. If rents dropped house prices would follow. The average Joe may not be able to get a mortgage but he is being bled dry by high rents. Investors are able to put their cash into rented property and get a good rate of return as opposed to money in the bank. With more people unable to get better than 4% from the banks it is hardly surprising property for rent has become the new nest egg. Smash that egg and I believe we would have more money around, let’s face it if you are paying a huge rent you cannot be a consumer, and even today we are a nation of shop workers even if we not as once described a nation of shop keepers. If we buy or consume more we run the risk of creating more jobs. The only person earning out of rents are the landlords. If houses are cheap enough and people can buy them new carpets and curtains are needed. Pots and pans for a kitchen rakes and spades or a garden etc etc.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Andrew Mitchell hopes pleb row will go away

Well I say the damage has been done. I have voted Tory all my life but that mans rants at a policeman have left me cold. I feel Camerons  Bullingdon club chums are acting like Victorian land owning bullies and have become removed from reality. I cant vote for the Milieband chinless wonder and his namesake sidekick. So who should I vote for 19th Century values of thrasher Mitchell? Bullingdon Club values of the increasingly right wing Cameron and his Crew. I cant bring mysef to vote for Clegg so either the Tory or the Labour group need to look at their leaders, because if the dont I am sure here will be many like me who feel unable to vote.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

President Francois Hollande trys to boost youth unemployment

PARIS (Reuters) - France's Socialist government is fast-tracking the launch a scheme to create 150,000 state-sponsored jobs for youths, moving to tackle rampant unemployment and overturn a slide in President Francois Hollande's approval ratings. Maybe now the chap who is in charge of this country cant remember his name? this happened the other day as well I woke up in the morning and couldnt remember his name. Ah just remembered that chap Cameron mybe he will now have a template to which he can generate some jobs for the youth of the UK.
 That chap Cameron has made a pigs ear so far so I doubt he will change anything anytime soon. READ MORE HERE

Monday, 20 August 2012

Friday, 17 August 2012

What was Pussy Riot's crime? Being in Russia or a Church

I never heard of Pussy riot before the six o'clock news its now 6:10 so I am pretty fired up. Who are they I don't really know other than they are three young women. What have they done? Well foolishly they thought they could criticise Putins corrupt Russian elite publicly and on film. The thing that offended people as if the corrupt friends of Putin don't count enough is the filmed the song in a Cathedral. Forget the fact the Government is corrupt and oppressive even the most ardent critic of the political elite and its cronies if you call on the Virgin Mary in the way they did they alienated any of those who do dare to criticise the Corruption in the Government. It sounds a bit like the advice parents give to wayward children before a grown up dinner party DO NOT TALK ABOUT POLITICS OR RELIGION. I can report that Pussy Riot chose to ignore that advice, Putins corrupt administration chose to send the three to jail for two yeards hard labour, now that is what I call a joke

Friday, 3 August 2012

Shafilea Ahmed Murdered

As a Father of two daughters I know hard it is to be a parent but never in my worst nightmare when bringing up teenage girls did I consider my honour to be worth more than their lives. I cant begin to understand how someone who lives in and raises their children in the UK can still be influenced by tribal ties and honours so strongly that they would murder the child they had brought into the world.The more I read about the case the more I realise I don't understand the so called honour  in killing your own daughter. I sincerely hope those who failed to protect Shafilea are looking hard at themselves and others who are in positions of trust in communities up and down the country spot the signs of family abuse and act to protect the lives of our vulnerable children

Friday, 27 July 2012

STOP Female Genital Mutilation (FGM / ‘cutting’) in Britain

I had a look on Joe Daniels blog 300words and found an e-petition about FGM and signed it and now I ask you to do the same. Our government wont do anything about this practice unless  the pressure is kept up so please campaign  to stop FGM. Sign the petition here

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Team GB football

Just watched first half and Team GB is 1 nil up, not a bad half for either team. I cant wait  to see the opening ceremony tomorrow and the games to start proper. Just seen the BBC.CO.UK/SPORT website has become even better with interactive catch-up and HD

Twitter is down

I have tried about five times and it timed out. I wanted to tweet the last post but cant if you read this tweet it for me the more the question is asked the likely it is to get an end to FGM

FGM is child abuse

Tell me why the government (little g intended they need to act on this before the obtain a capital) cant prosecute parents who still violate this abuse upon young girls. If a child had its ears cut off by a parent, that parent would be in court faster than a proverbial bullet. But take a knife to a young girl and Mutilate her and then everybody closes ranks and say it is a cultural thing. Sacrificing virgins and abandoning girls on rubbish tips were cultural things in Rome but neither are done today so why do we not stop this illegal but historic practice? Because the govenment is scared? because they are deaf? because they are burying their heads in the sand? I have no idea why but all the time it is not made a prioity I will ask? Read more here at the Orchid Project

Monday, 23 July 2012

Olympic torch

I was to ill to go and see the torch but I have got loads of photos that my son took, I know its not the same as being there but what can I do. I am looking forward to the games, I know there has been a lot of hype about security and G4s or whatever they are called but I dont see it being much of a problem now the Army are involved. I know we are a nation of knockers but lets just sit back and count the medals.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Jimmy Carr

I have said in the past HMRC is not fit for purpose and the Jimmy Carr fiasco is proof of the point. If Jimmy Carr was in the wrong  then he would be in court, but is he? NO is the very loud answer. I think if these schemes are wrong the HMRC should shut them down but do they? I saw on TV this morning that this and similar scheme could be costing a minimum of £25 billion a year. Once again big business and Vodaphone springs immediately to mind get off scott free and anyone on PAYE keeps the country afloat

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Argentine postuering

I see David Cameron is taking no notice of the Argentines at the summit in Mexico, I think it is more to do with the Argentine politics than a real wish for the Falklands. It is nice to see David Cameron taking the opportunity to sort out some sort of trade deals whilst in Mexico. We need to widen the trade net as the euro zone still remains and will for the foreseeable future WEAK click here for evening standard article

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Euro 2012 deflects premier league moves

Football is over the top the wages are outrageous the deals are so vast yet it keeps on going. I think it is a primeval thing and the scenes we have witnessed in the euro's are proof that it makes people behave as pack animals. Racism aside the reason these neanderthals behave this way is they are swept up in  the pack, it is easier to follow than to lead. So back to the Premier league all sorts are going on. Two weeks ago I  said to my wife Paul Lambert will never Leave Norwich so dont go by anything I say. But to leave and  go to Villa is beyond me. Who is going to go to Swansea? What about Chelsea? the home of football is heres in England but for a few days europe will have its moment of fame.

Forced Marraige is illegal

I have just been watching the BBC Sunday Morning Live and a debate on forced marriages in young women from  Pakistani and Bangladeshi backgrounds. The figures are horrendous as many as 8,000 girls a year are forced to marry as part of a in some ethnic minorities. I heard tale of young girls as young as 13 being married abroad and arriving back in the UK pregnant after being raped by their husband. The panel were against the legislation saying it would drive the practise underground, I say it is already underground and we aren't stopping it so now it may make it easier for teachers and health workers to flag it up without fear of being branded racist. There are many  “cultural practice's”that need to be stamped out. If people want to live in the UK they must abide by our laws and face the consequences of criminal actions. What I would say is the Government should be praised for facing this issue but the amount of money they have set aside for it is woefully inadequate. Money is tight and many centres for women have been scaled back countywide and now by passing this law their workload will be increased. I think we need some joined up thinking by the authorities. Many refuges for battered women are being closed or at best funding cut back. Click here to read an article by Patrick Stewart it hi-lites the cuts and how desperate they are for charities like REFUGE which helps women and children facing problems with domestic violence and abuse.

Forced Marriage is the topic of this post and I have strayed from its focus. Many young girls will be facing this problem as we enter the period of school summer holidays. This is a favourite time for many families to go back to their homeland and for these crimes to be undertaken. I say we need more education for Teachers and community workers to enable them to see these problems that blight  Young girls. We need more resources in schools for children to feel able to discuss problems what ever they are. One website dealing with these issues is Forced

Here is a clip from their website listing helpful organisations If you need help or just want some advice, then there are a number of organisations which can provide you with the assistance that you need. Please browse through the list to the left to find the most appropriate organisation for you.EMERGENCY NUMBERS:In case of an emergency, please use one of the following numbers:Police: 999Forced Marriage Unit: 020 7008 0151    

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Doctors pensions need healing

I an mad at the greedy doctors who are already paid a fortune thinking they deserve the ridiculous pensions they are set to receive. I  saw a locum at our surgery recently and he was boasting he was earning two grand a week. As for the pension issue they are set to have a pension of around sixty grand. Try explaining that to a person working at tesco or empting the bins for minimum wage. Plus they are down to get a cash lump sum of around a hundred thousand. To coin a popular phrase they are having a giraffe. Do they think going on strike is going to make themm more popular?
The papers are already ripping them to peices I had to smile at this in the Indi Doctor, doctor: why is my GP going on strike?" asks the Independent's front page. The answer, it says: "because a £53,000-a-year pension isn't enough."

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Brendan Rodgers gets three years at Liverpool

King Kenny has gone Long live the King. But Brendan Rodgers looks like it is a three year sentence at Liverpool.. Will he sign? Tomorrow will tell.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Manchester City's Mario Balotelli will walk off if victim of racism

Whatever your opinion of Balotelli I for one believe him when he says he will walk off if he is the victim of Racism at the euro 2012. Good for him  there is no place in football for the racism witnessed  on TV in the last few days. After Sol Campbell's calls for fans to stay away I see the organising authorities are saying all is safe. I expect the statement "dreamed up and mythical problem" on the racism issue all the Fans will be so relieved after all  the BBC films of Asians being attacked were pure fiction and the cuts and bruises they received were scotch mist. I blame the football authorities for not checking out the situation because it is no secret Neo Nazi gangs have been on the radar for years but some people wish to hide them and promote trade over lives.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Millionaire Blair Before Leveson

For all his Millions and all the houses he owns Tony Blair still has to give his side of the story to Lord Leveson. Come Monday the costliest show in town meets the New Labour Millionaire ex leader of the Power to the people party. Can you credit it him a true RED worth Millions kissing and telling all over his time in office and his  close relations with Uncle Rupert.

Kick that can a bit further down the road

A few weeks ago a news reader was talking about Greece and said all that was happeneing was the powers to be were kicking the can down the road hoping it would go away.Now after what seems an eternity I think they have discovered it aint going to disappear and some one has to pick the can up and see what is left inside. For sure the Chinese produce more in a few days than Greece does in a lifetime, Poland is more powerful and Sweden is sweeter. But compare all you like the problems still remain Billions of   €'s. If Greece bails out then you can kiss your sweet ass goodbye to any of the banks who have bonds getting anything back. Plus what about the rest of the euro nations finding it hard Spain Portugal and Italy would all love to wipe out their debts. Well the time has comme for someone to pick up that can sit it upright an the wall and see which side of the  fence the Greeks decide on.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Will we Wont we , just get on with it Greece so we can sort out what remains

Greece has been faffing around for long enough, we are all in limbo waiting for them to sort themselves out. I dont care what the do but they must get in and do something. I am sure this has been going on for years but if I remember right last October we needed a yes to the deal put forward, now months later we are still in the same position. Nothing will improve untill someone has the gut to say enough is enough and kick them into the rough. Europe can then sort out the rest of the mess it has created.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Leveson Inquiry Cost

Can you imagine the cost of the Leveson Inquiry. I dont know how much a QC charges per hour but I recon a Barristter is about 600 quid an hour and there are about ten of them. Add the other secretarys and stuff plus Leveson himself I wouldnt mind betting it shapes up to a fair few bob and I doubt that Murdock will be paying so it will be you and me picking up the tab.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Queens speech Lords reform but no Gay marraiges yet

I had to smile Lords reform was less a sticky wicket than Gay Marriage so it got a mention in the Queens speech. Clegg has no idea of what a can of worms he has opened. Neither house really want reform even though it is long overdue. The commons on both sides will have their opponents and in the Lords itself it will be like turkeys voting for Christmas. I know it is needed but I dont think either Clegg or Cameron have the Cajones to pull off the root and branch reform that is needed. Still it will make some jobs for the boys, can you image the amount of  paper that will be used getting this one through.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

David Cameron and Nick Clegg to 'relaunch coalition' reports BBC

I see on the BBC news that the Cameron Clegg cosy up is to be relaunched. I wonder how that will look are they going to go round holding hands? I said yesterday we need to see growth ahead of crazy policies and after yesterdays  French election results even Angela Merkel has softened her stance. So what is going on? The Greeks definitely don't want to play the austerity game anymore. I thought we were about to see a France Germany bust up but first signs are for a love in. Watch this space could this be the end of our 1930's style austerity measures or the begging of stock market crash as investors head for the hills? I don't know but I do know the Euro has fallen today.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Francois Hollande Saint or Sinner?

Francois Hollande has got the ear of the French people Sarco has just enough time to clear his desk before he becomes consigned to history and we have to come to terms with Frances new saviour. All economic analysts think we need a time of austerity but the new boy seems to know better. Well I can see storm clouds on the horizon for Hollande and I can see them in the shape of Germany’s Angela Merkel,. We will have a few days of calm whilst Sarco slips into obscurity and then uproar as Hollande try's to flex his muscles. I for one am looking forward to some Fireworks over France.

Tony Blair properties valued at 14 Million

I kept meaning to search the Tony Blair property values. I knew he had been building up a small empire of expensive house but 14 million quid seems a far way from his Labour roots.Enough said other than to mention snouts and trough.Click here

Nicolas Sarkozy looses

Why Nicolas Sarkozy was an extraordinary president

The Guardian -
On Sunday, France put an end to Nicolas Sarkozy's presidency. Five years after electing him enthusiastically, the French decided they would rather have an "ordinary" president than an "extraordinary" one.

Julian Brazier calls to abandon wet policies

I saw Julian Brazier in the BBC Kent news yesterday calling for the Tories to abandon the Wet Liberal policies and get on with more pressing issues. He unlike most of the coalition remembers we are in recession and need growth more than we need Lords reform or Gay Marriage laws. I thought he spoke well and some of his colleague's would do well to remember the Liberals are in the minority

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Double Dip Recession

If you wicki Double Dip it tells you about a Socially taboo subject of taking a bite of ones crisp and then dipping it for a second time into the dip. Whilst this may be socially reprehensible what I find as disgusting is we have a government hell bent on reforms and as I understand it we are less than one third through yet and they are doing zilch to enliven the economy. I mentioned yesterday the billions due to go to the Euro support fund, where it will sit doing sod all when it would be better placed here in the UK rebuilding the mess we are now in. I am at a loss what to say which is an unusual situation. We have Kids leaving school ill equipped for what the world is going to throw at them and this lot of clowns in charge unable to stop UK. PLC going broke. This psychologically will make every business in the country tighten its belt. Gloom breeds gloom and I always try and see the glass as half full but todays figures make even me think my glass is nearly empty.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

How Many Millionaires in Parliament

I just did a quick google of the question and it seems a fair few. The Lower chamber wants reforms of the Lords (now I would expect a few Millionaires to be Lords) But simple parliamentarians you know the sort I mean Salt of the Earth Dyed-in-the-Wool politicals of any party. The ones who by hard honest work got themselves into Parliament. Builders chippies sparks or plasterers (god knoows we need a few cracks plastering over) Shopkeepers (maggie lived over the family shop). ???????????? What I am saying is are all the Government on any side of the political divide the type of bloke who you would meet in the boozer after a hard days graft? I personally dont think so. Public school educations and University degrees in politics seems to be the order of the day. They all have lost the common touch, they have no idea what its like to work forty hours at minimum wage and feed the kids cloth them and pay the bills. They are just as likely to spend the common mans wage on a meal or a round of drinks. I heard on the Radio last week afternoon Tea at the Ritz is eighty odd quid and they have a waiting list. You aint going to be having tea at the ritz if you are on a minimum wage.
So what am I getting at? It is this the vast majority of us barely get by and are overseen by people who having never done what millions of mums up and down the country call a proper job are making the decisions for those who pay taxes without thinking of how to avoid paying or flip their homes or claim for duck houses on expenses.

Footnote, I just typed proper job in google and this article in the Telegraph came up where Acting is not regarded as a proper job acorong to Passport contol, I think some one needs to tell Dave and Co they need to get a proper job rather than acting like they know what they are doing running the country. picture from the telegraph article.

Lords Reform

Well they want to get rid of the unelected Lords but what about all of the unelected reformers we have to put up with from the EU? I aim to raise questions here and if you like my thoughts leave a comment or two?