Thursday, 23 November 2017

The day after the Budget

Well did the budget make the earth move? Nope I didn't feel it either! The real winners in cash terms are higher rate tax payers tax allowance benefits higher ratepayers by £340 a year with basic rate band £70 better off and universal credit recipients better by just 50p per week. So no great thingsto save the UK as we plunge towards brexit. His cut in tax allowance show he is appealing to higher rate tax payers and those in the Conservative voting heartlands. In all honesty he showd his real colours because if we are all in it together why not make everyones increase the same? But no it is more of the rich getting richer and the Poor doffing their caps as a copper or two  is handed to them to appease his conscience   I have linked to a dictionary for the benefit of any Tories that read this far

I know you will know what it means but I thought after yesterdays buget you needed reminding. The country seems to be in a state of shock as no one can believe how little has actu,ally been done to save the country from the recession we are heading toewards. Downturn and Brexit are the perfect ingrediants  and after yesterday I feel Hammond knows it to.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Budget 2017 are we heading for a recession?

I always try and talk things up rether than down. My other blog Promote Thanet was started just because someone had started a blog knoking every aspect of Thanet. I also have a twitter account promoting Thanet. Basicly I would rather not put something down but try and find the good in it. But try as I might todays budget is all about headlines and Philip Hammond has not done anything to help the UK. I feel that when he said the growth forecast is lowhe was talking it up not beinng entirely truthful. UK PLC is heading for a rough few tears and the "R" word is heading in our direction. When you look back over the last fity years we have had boom and bust and while we have hardly had a recent boom we have all off the ingrediants for a bust and with the deadline for Brexit looming large and no serious negotiations or deals on the table I have a feeling something is about to hit the fan.

Tomorrows Guardian had the R word I have pinched this snippet from the article Even so, debt will remain at double its level before the financial crisis, rather too high for comfort were the UK to plunge back into recession over the coming years. It is worth noting that there has been a recession in every decade since the 1970s.

I rest my case and that is from someone who likes to see the glass as half full

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Bored with Brexit so can we call it off

I for one am up to my eyeteeth with all the rubbish over Brexit. He said this she said that No one is talking about that etc. etc. How about we call the whole thing off!!!
Fred and Ginger did how about Theresa and David