Monday, 15 January 2018

is it just me or does this Conservative Government suck

My thoughts on the Carrilion debacle are that the Conservatives are happy enough to let their mates earn a fortune out of private finance initiative's and try and award contracts to their "mates" but they hide under the nearest rock when it all goes tits up. The fact that thousands of workers and suppliers are tonight worrying what is going to happen could have been avoided. But the nasty Party didn't want to know. They want their other mates to pick up the pieces and earn a fortune in the process. The contracts still need to be finished. The outstanding debts will end up with pennies in the pound and whom ever gets to finish off the works contacts etc will not have any up front costs just walk in and complete the draw the profits. The banks will have first draw on the money raised and will earn money out of the collapse . The little man the supplier owed peanuts will get peanuts. But to him it's could mean the difference between staying afloat or sinking.I saw on tonight's news a firm owed thirty seven thousand pounds, he was going to maybe have to loose two members of staff. Yet the directors who had promised the Tories they would  be alright. They 're all okay. The ministers who awarded these contracts they will be okay. It's the little fella every time. I was going to write a lot more about the failings of  private versus public contracts and how this fiasco stem back to the heart of Tory ideology but I can't be bothered. Night folks.

Donald Trump taking USA to he'll in a hand cart

He must be so pleased with himself! In the course of the last twelve months Donald Trump has single handedly managed to reduce the US to a laughing stock and at the same time offend almost every other nation, country,creed and race  on earth. His latest remarks about shithole countries is just the most recent of his gaffes and the voters who put him there will no doubt agree with him. The 'greatest nation on death's has become the laughing stock and the longer Trump stays as president the worse things will be. In the mean time I am going to laugh at the situation because here in England we have our own problems but nothing like TRUMP.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Conservatives guilty of Donald Trump style fake news

I love Twitter and today Theresa May had the gall to post that the Conservatives would be saving consumers money because they had got credit card charges withdrawn. Whilst it has become a reality credit card charges have been stopped but it is a European union law that has made it illegal to charge for credit card charges. So not only is guilty of fake news Theresa May has become a peddler of lies sky's and half truths. Maybe Conservatives can accept that this Government is unable to work properly but they are more than scared of Labour. May has no control over her party and the Twitter feed I was on had fake supporters say May was right. If it ever gets leaked that these fake social media accounts have officially been sanctioned by the Conservatives it will be further proof that we are governed by idiots from the Tory fringe and the cabinet are just puppets.